Fun facts for psychology students

Are you a psychology student or are you thinking of opting psychology as your major but are confused? This career field is easily among the most fascinating.
In this article, we have listed some amazing yet interesting facts that are mind-blowing.

  1. Being lonely is bad for our health

Some researchers found that the fewer friends a person has, the higher levels of blood clotting protein fibrinogen. Lonely people are 50% more likely to die prematurely than those with healthy social connections. This is because loneliness reduces immunity which therefore increases the risks of catching diseases. This also results in stress which affects you more emotionally and mentally.

  1. We automatically second guess ourselves when others disagree

How often have you noticed this happening? Back in the 1950s, an experiment took place where a bunch of college students were asked to point out which of the three lines were of the same length as the fourth one. When the students heard other people who were also a part of experiment, they chose a different answer which was wrong, this is when the students immediately followed the lead of other participants and chose the same wrong answer.

  1. “Catching” a yawn may help us bond

Have you ever noticed that you also yawn when somebody does it, even when you are not tired? Well, there are many theories behind this as to why yawning is contagious but one of the leading theories is that it shows empathy.

  1. Dressing has a connection with your mood

Dressing well helps in keeping you happy and stable. It is not only about the colour you choose to wear, its the over all that matters.

  1. Sarcasm is a sign for a healthy brain

Studies have revealed that people who instantly use sarcasm in response to even trivial questions have healthy minds. Moreover, people who understand cynicism well are good at reading people’s minds.

  1. Your dreams are more meaningful than your conscious thoughts

Among all the dreams you have, almost 70% of these dreams contain secret messages. This means that they bear more importance than the things you think in your conscious. How cool is this?

  1. Having a plan B would only make plan A less likely to work

In a series of experiments from the University of Pennsylvania, it was revealed that volunteers who prepared a backup plan before starting a task did worse as compared to those who did not have a backup plan. The volunteers who had a plan B realized that having another option made their motivation to succeed for the first time dropped. However, there is no harm in planning ahead but to be more successful, just keep your plans vague.

Students’ special: General knowledge questions about Psychology.

General Knowledge questions for Psychology students

In this article, you will find some fun yet interesting general knowledge questions about Psychology. It’s always good to enhance your knowledge skills too while randomly scrolling through your mobile phone. An easy and exciting way to learn.

  1. Which test do psychologists use to help measure aptitudes, interests, abilities and personality traits?
    Answer: Psychometric tests


  1. When was modern Psychology established?
    Answer: Mid 19th century


  1. What’s the name of Sigmund Freud’s ground-breaking book on Psychology?
    Answer: The Interpretation of Dreams


  1. What is the name of the famous prisoners and guards’ experiment that took place at an American University?
    Answer: Stanford Prison Experiment


  1. Which tests yields clues to a person’s inner feelings?
    Answer: Projective tests


  1. What does the word ‘Psyche’ mean?
    Answer: The mind, soul or spirit as opposed to the body.


  1. Who established the first psychological laboratory?
    Answer: Wilhelm Wundt


  1. What did the Bobo experiment find?
    Answer: Children learn behaviors from observing others


  1. Who introduced behaviorism?
    Answer: John B. Watson


  1. What term did James Braid introduce in the 1840s for a psychological state that previously was thought to be induced by animal magnetism?
    Answer: Hypnosis
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Sargodha University Conference Calls For Better Understanding Of Psychology

A two-day national conference on “Psychology for Sustainable Community: Challenges and Trends” began at Sargodha University on Tuesday, aimed at discussing psychological contributions in clinical and behavioral sciences and promoting a trans-disciplinary perspective for sustainable community. The Sargodha University conference also focuses on developing synergy between researchers and practitioners of psychology and behavioral sciences so that indigenous resources could be efficiently capitalized for the provision of solution to our aboriginal issues related to psychological wellbeing and mental health of the society.