General Knowledge questions for Psychology students

In this article, you will find some fun yet interesting general knowledge questions about Psychology. It’s always good to enhance your knowledge skills too while randomly scrolling through your mobile phone. An easy and exciting way to learn.

  1. Which test do psychologists use to help measure aptitudes, interests, abilities and personality traits?
    Answer: Psychometric tests


  1. When was modern Psychology established?
    Answer: Mid 19th century


  1. What’s the name of Sigmund Freud’s ground-breaking book on Psychology?
    Answer: The Interpretation of Dreams


  1. What is the name of the famous prisoners and guards’ experiment that took place at an American University?
    Answer: Stanford Prison Experiment


  1. Which tests yields clues to a person’s inner feelings?
    Answer: Projective tests


  1. What does the word ‘Psyche’ mean?
    Answer: The mind, soul or spirit as opposed to the body.


  1. Who established the first psychological laboratory?
    Answer: Wilhelm Wundt


  1. What did the Bobo experiment find?
    Answer: Children learn behaviors from observing others


  1. Who introduced behaviorism?
    Answer: John B. Watson


  1. What term did James Braid introduce in the 1840s for a psychological state that previously was thought to be induced by animal magnetism?
    Answer: Hypnosis
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