HSHM: Preparing Hospitality Leaders For The Future


HSHM: Preparing Hospitality Leaders For The Future

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The Hashoo Group is the leading name in hospitality industry of Pakistan, managing top notch hospitality chains like Pearl Continental and Hotel One. With tourism industry likely to see growth in the coming years, the group has already built the basis for providing well-rounded professionals to the industry that can spearhead businesses towards a growth trajectory.

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t a time when tourism and hospitality is a growing industry worldwide, students exploring a prospective career in this field in Pakistan have more opportunities available to them than ever before. From studying in a professional academic institution to training under industry experts and travelling abroad for a well-rounded exposure, they seem to have it all figured out. Pakistan’s pioneering hospitality chain Hashoo Group is launching a professional tourism and hospitality management school, in collaboration with Sheffield Business School of Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom.

Hashoo School of Hospitality Management aims to nurture talent in the tourism and hospitality industry by imparting knowledge, skillsets and hands-on experience. Following a two-year diploma in Pakistan, qualifying students of Hashoo School of Hospitality Management (HSHM) will have the opportunity to complete an additional third year and graduate with a BSc (Hons) degree from Sheffield Hallam University.

Following a two-year diploma in Pakistan, qualifying students will have the opportunity to complete an additional third year and graduate with a BSc (Hons) degree from Sheffield Hallam University

“I am delighted to share with you the success and inspiration that I feel with the beginning of HSHM,” Murtaza Hashwani, chairman of Board of Governors of HSHM and deputy chairman and CEO of Hashoo Group, told Academia Magazine in an exclusive discussion. “This school belongs to our communities, our industry and our country – together we will continue to make this school a resounding success and a place where dreams come true,” he said.  “Hashoo Group is playing its role in empowering youth with knowledge and skillsets required at the highest levels of the hospitality industry worldwide. At HSHM, we aim to develop business managers and leaders of the future,” Murtaza added.

Travel Power

The travel and tourism industry is an undisputed key global economic driver. The World Travel and Tourism Council Report of 2018 highlighted that the industry contributes 10.4 percent of Global GDP and one in 10 jobs – 9.9 percent of global employment. In the last decade, one in five of all global net jobs have been in this sector. All indices are forecast to rise in the next decade, much faster than economies as a whole. In Pakistan as well, the industry is beginning to see better day. The much-improved security situation and combined with key initiatives, such as welcoming a visa regime, will certainly have a positive impact on the travel and tourism industry in Pakistan and the country’s potential growth, will no doubt, eclipse the average as we emerge into the international spotlight.

Future Ready 

With the potential boom in the sector almost a certainty, the demand for professionals who can take businesses forward in the coming days is also likely to see a considerable surge.“HSHM is an excellent choice to attain your hospitality management training and prepare for a successful career,” Azam Jamil, Dean of HSHM informed Academia Magazine. “Here we provide educational opportunities to students for success in the real world,” he added.

HSHM’s international and local faculty comprises dedicated professionals who excel not only in their fields, but also in connecting with students and providing educational experience equal to that of any international university. “Our students will not only get knowledge in the classroom, but will also have many opportunities for real-world applications,” Jamil added.The school will offer world-class education in hospitality, tourism and hotel management through exciting new and dynamic programs run by HSHM. The first campus of HSHM is housed in a purpose-built facility in the beautiful environs of Bani Gala, Islamabad. It is a brand-new facility which includes state-of-the-art classrooms, auditorium, teaching kitchen and restaurant, student lounges, library and IT facilities.

The tourism industry contributes 10.4 percent of Global GDP and one in 10 jobs – 9.9 percent of global employment

HSHM will commence teaching classes in Islamabad from January 2020, while the admission process for students is starting from October 2019. The campus will have the capacity to enroll 400 students annually. HSHM has expansion plans to open three more campuses in Lahore, Karachi and Gilgit-Baltistan from September 2020.So, for students straight out of college and looking to broaden their horizons, gaining an insight into the hospitality world and becoming groomed as industry professionals, HSHM is the place to start. The possibilities are endless.