The time has gone when youngsters looked at learning English language as a key to success in life. Pakistani youth has discovered a fondness for learning Russian languages

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Pakistani youth has discovered fondness for learning Russian languages Pakistan’s relations have been cemented further with China and Russia in recent years. The country is working with both China and Russia in many sectors and in the coming years, the engagement is expected to increase and this would create many new job opportunities, especially for interpreters. With China, the start of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects were the major reason that youngsters started learning the Chinese language. On the other hand, the strategic relationship between Pakistan and Russia has reached new heights in the last few years. After these strategic partnerships, an interest among the students was observed. Chinese language is being taught by number of institutes, universities, private and government educational institutions and some private companies. Technical Education and Training  institute Authority.


CPEC is bringing more than 40,000 jobs of chines  interpreters in the country.”

has taught the language free of cost for around one-and-a-half year. Currently, TEVTA is conducting Chinese Language classes in 10 districts of Punjab. So far, more than 5,000 students have learnt Chinese Language from TEVTA institutes “After the announcement of CPEC projects and later when the work on these projects started, people began to learn Chinese language. They knew it would give them job opportunities. The students now prefer Chinese over English and  other foreign languages,” Chief Operating Officer TEVTA Punjab Akhtar Abbas Bharwana told Academia Magazine.

“The course currently and in future will help Pakistani youth to avail more and more opportunities in the CPEC projects. This was the basic motive behind starting this course,” Bharwana explained Talking about prospects of Chinese language course, Bharwana said TEVTA has set a target to train Chinese language to 50,000 students across the province. “CPEC is bringing more than 40,000 jobs of Chinese interpreters in the country. This number will increase with the passage of time. TEVTA has prepared a road map for coping with job opportunities of Chinese language interpreters,” he said. The chief operating officer observed that there are many private and public sector organizations that offer Chinese language learning course. “TEVTA’s course is completely different. The Chinese instructors ensure quality of education, Imtiaz UL Haq, Russian instructor He also informed that after completing this course from TEVTA, people are getting jobs of minimum Rs 30,000, which is a good salary for starters. In future these starters will be able to get salaries of more than Rs 50,000, he said. The Government College University (GCU) is also offering Chinese Language Course and established Center for Excellence in China Studies. Prof Dr Khalid Manzoor Butt who chaired the center before his retirement said GCU is holding two sessions a year for Chinese Language class. “GCU is striving to promote the Chinese and Pakistani languages, so our youngsters can benefit from the CPEC which is said to be a game

Pakistani youth and bureaucrats must learn Russian language to cope with the future challenges

“A group of 15 students is learning Russian language for three months. This is the best time for Russia and Pakistan to take mutual friendship to new heights,” the consul said.“Russia has always supported Pakistan’s stance at international forums like United Nations and on getting membership of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). There is much potential between both countries to bolster bilateral ties in tourism, sports, medicine and engineering, as well as defense,”

he said. Honorary Consul said that recently Pakistan relaxed visa policy for Russian people, especially for traders and businessmen. “Pakistan is looking forward to Free Trade Agreement with Russia to improve the trade ties between both  countries,” he said. Chief Editor of English and Russian news agency DND Agha Iqrar Haroon said Russian language is understood, read and written in the former Soviet Union. “The new concept of Euro Asia has emerged which started from Pakistan and Eastern Europe. “Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine all are gateways of Euro Asian belt and are all are Russian speaking. While coping with this new concept Russian Language has its significance,” he said. Talking about strategic  relationship and cooperation between Pakistan and Russia, he said Pakistani youth and bureaucrats must learn the Russian language to cope with the future challenges.

A student of Russian language Faizan observed that he is learning the Russian language because he wants to pursue and explore  opportunities in Russia. “The free of cost Russian language course offered by Russian consulate in Lahore would bridge the ties between both countries to understand each other’s cultures and build relations,” he said.

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Arsalan Haider is Editor Reporting of Academia Magazine. Prior to joining Academia he has worked with leading national dailies. He can be reached at arsalan.haider@academiamag. com and on twitter @ arsalanhaider14.

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