Top Five Universities To Study Film And Television In Pakistan

Buoyed by the resurgence of Pakistani film, television, and entertainment industry, and by the rise of social media, the intricate art of film and TV production has moved beyond the hands of “talented” individuals who delved into the field out of passion and landed in the lap of professionals who have diligently pursued film and TV studies at top universities around the world as a profession. We tell you which Pakistani universities are the best to get a degree in film and TV studies.

National College of Arts

AKU Launches Think-Tank

National College of Arts is one of the pioneer creative-arts institutions of Pakistan. It is one of the oldest art schools in the country and second oldest in South Asia. NCA encompasses five departments mainly including fine arts, design, musicology, architecture and film & TV. NCA offers bachelors in film and television, a programme that centres on TV and film direction, production, editing and screenwriting. This programme is designed in accordance with the needs of the media marketplace and offers a basic understanding of non-fiction and reality-based documentary making, film production training, post-production techniques, editing techniques, screenwriting, camera production and movement, television control room and lighting. The objective of the programme is to allow young Pakistanis an opportunity to understand the challenges of the present times, encouraging them to attach and develop a sense of responsibility towards society and the people.


Riphah International University

A relatively new name in the game, Riphah International University was established in 2002 with an aim of producing scholars and professionals with Islamic and ethical values. The university has 14 constituent campuses and offers a wide array of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programmes. Riphah offers a four-year BS film making degree programme at its Al-Mizan Campus, Rawalpindi. The programme allows students to learn the basics of film making and widens their vision and aptitude through professional and concentrated training. It offers hands-on experience to aspiring filmmakers, helping them to polish and craft their creative skill-set.


Beaconhouse National University

Founded in 2003, Beaconhouse National University (BNU) is a private liberal arts university located in the suburbs of Lahore and is a project of the Beaconhouse School System. The varsity offers BA (Hons) in Social Sciences with major in Theatre, Film & TV Studies. The programme offers courses in film/TV/theatre production, editing, screenwriting, sound/lighting/cinematography,  film genres and anchoring. The varsity also offers a graduate degree programme in Film And TV which is first of its kind programme in Pakistan that has been designed to expose students to advanced hands-on experience, under the supervision of highly qualified faculty members, including the legendary Asghar Nadeem Syed and Rashid Rana, just to name a few. It incorporates both theoretical and practical knowledge of television and film industries and provides state of the art facilities to students to learn the art of writing and production in creative industries. 


Institute For Art And Culture

The Institute of Art And Culture is one of the newest art schools in Lahore that been established by the government of Pakistan under the Act XXXI. IAC encompasses the School of Digital and Cinematic Art (SDCA), School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (SADU), School of Culture and Language (SCL) and School of Art (SOA) which are currently offering 10-degree programmes to more than 250 undergrad students. IAC offers a bachelor’s degree in film and TV that equips students with both theoretical and practical knowledge and skill set through interactive production and storytelling techniques. 


IQRA University (Karachi)

Established in 1998, Iqra University is a public category university located in Karachi, with sub-campuses in other parts of the city, and a campus in Islamabad as well. The university employs the highest number of doctoral holders in their faculty. The university offers four-year bachelors in Media Sciences (BMS) (Film & TV, Advertising, and Animation) and two-year Masters in Media Sciences in Film & TV Production (MMS (FTV)) programmes. These courses focus on both the technical aspects of film making including camera techniques, editing, sound production, direction, etc. and theoretical aspects of giving context and meaning to the art of TV production and film making, allowing students to explore different genres that have developed over the course of time.