Must-Have Tech Gadgets For Teachers To Improve Instruction


Must-Have Tech Gadgets For Teachers To Improve Instruction

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Technology has transformed most professions in today’s world, but many believe the education sector has lagged behind when it comes to utilizing tech and tech-related products to aid teaching.

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ne of the reasons for this lukewarm response could be the debate over whether such gadgets affect the efficacy of traditional teachings methodologies. But in places where technology has been incorporated in the teaching environment, results have been positive and learning outcomes drastically improved. For the teachers who are still wary of using technology to offer a better learning experience to pupils, we have compiled a list of some high-yielding gadgets that can take teaching to the next level.


Using tablets in classroom will modernize your teaching with plenty of other benefits. Many teachers have made a mark on students by using tablets to teach mathematics, art, writing, science and history. Studies have suggested 51% increase in student engagement if teachers uses a tablet in classroom for teaching. Tablets are invading the traditional persona of teachers by replacing heavy textbooks with something that is low on cost, light in weight and easily accessible. If you are a teacher and looking for a tablet to boost up your teaching, Galaxy Tab S3 or Google Pixel C are the worth using as they are loaded with features for teachers. 

Interactive Whiteboards:

Interactive whiteboards have grown in popularity in the last few years as an interesting tool for teachers to get improved attention of students. Latest research shows that student are 45% more attentive in classrooms that use smart boards for teaching. Use of these whiteboards not only increase learning but also enhances students’ participation. Weathers it’s for explaining complex concepts, presentations or creating interesting class activities for group learning needs, these interactive white boards are supportive for both teachers and students.

Portable Printer/Scanners

Teaching requires a lot of paperwork, but not every digital document can be converted to hard copy instantly. Or can it be? With mini portable printers, getting quizzes, exam papers assignments and other documents printed has become a no brainer. They can fit in almost any backpack with ease and get your printing needs taken care of for good.




Rapid transformation of education landscape has changed the role of teacher and current job description needs many admin and monitoring tasks as well. Teacher have to follow strict time management and require up to date knowledge in order to justify their job. If as a teacher you normally have too many irons in the fire, power stick is the gadget you need. This gadget serves as a power bank in case your phone or laptop runs out of battery and also works as USB to store important files.

Smart Marker

Smart markers are being in use as a better and inexpensive option because many educational institutions don’t want to spend money on pricey interactive whiteboards. This is the best edtech invention if as a teacher you love to explain by drawing symbols, illustrations, models or charts. This rechargeable gadget is low on budget but you can write, capture and share at the same time by using the cloud or your favorite app.

3D Printer

Teachers around globe who are in contact with latest technology developments in education recognize the importance of using 3D printers in classrooms. 3D printer usage is the first step towards innovative practical syllabus and promotes active learning that is necessary to prepare students for future career challenges. Teachers should focus on using 3D printers in the classrooms as it’s the only way to put physical models in the hands of your students from the computer screens. 


Use of gadgets in the education sector is progressing fast and cancelling out the setbacks of traditional teaching. Education institutes must adopt these tech gadgets to maximize their teaching efforts and offer students a much more interactive environment for learning.