Adhering to The Academia Magazine’s contribution guidelines will ensure the inclusion of your article in print or online editions (or both) of the magazine.

Contributors can be anyone with an opinion on the education sector. Students, parents, teachers, faculty members, industry professionals, researchers and policy makers are all encouraged to write.

Pakistani students, professionals, faculty members and parents living abroad are welcome to share their experiences in foreign lands.

While you prepare your contribution, please take care that:
  • The articles have a length of between 500-900 words.
  • The articles focus on the Pakistan’s education sector and the affiliated community.
  • The language used is simple, has direct prose and is easily understandable.
  • The language should be free of indecent words, phrases and terminologies.
  • You keep intros limited and get to the point straight away.
  • The contribution can be a fact-based analysis of policies, status of education etc. of the industry.
  • The contribution can be a factual critique of policies, decisions and developments concerning the education sector, although the tone and language should not be defamatory or derogatory.
  • Contributions can be personal experiences of students, parents, teachers etc. For e.g. Valuable lessons I learnt during group projects at university (student’s account), or How to handle a class full of peppy teenagers (teacher’s account) or How to help your child ace exams (parent’s account).
  • Contributions that follow the principle of lists  (8 reasons you must play sports, The Five Oldest Universities in Pakistan, 5 ways to help your child ace exams ) will always get priority.
  • Contributions that are How to… and Why you should… articles are highly recommended. E.g. This is Why You Must Join a Student Society at University or How to handle a class full of peppy teenagers.
  • The contribution can be a compilation of suggestions, methodologies, techniques that the author thinks can benefit industry stakeholders.
  • The contribution can be comparative in nature. For e.g Pros and cons of Matric vs O-level. Teaching practices in US vs Pakistan.
  • The contribution can be an educative piece that offers general advice on issues like managing studies and workload, budgeting, saving, choosing courses etc.
  • The  Academia team highly encourages pieces that have a touch of humor  to them.
  • The Academia does not encourage pieces that level unfounded allegations against university administrations, faculty or governing bodies.
  • The articles must in no way incite hatred or bias against specific personalities, university administrations, faculty or governing bodies, religious or ethnic groups.