Summer Mocktails For The Students


Exams are over and magical time of summer holidays has begun. Summer holidays are always loaded with possibilities to learn new skills as students are free from tedious study routine. Keeping yourself busy and active during the long summer break is a hard task for many students but one can easily confront it by making a bucket list of activities for summer holidays. Try not to waste this precious time by sleeping or watching YouTube for your favourite series as having a six weeks off will be pipe dream when you will get into professional life in near future. Bag full of activities are available that a student can do to make its summer vacations more productive than ever. Start learning a new language, learn to play a new musical instrument, start writing a book or reading books. Among so many options that are available what about learning to prepare an array of refreshing mocktails that are   packed with healthy nutrients. If you enjoy experimenting with new flavours, making tasty & celebratory mocktails that you can share with your family or amuse your friends with when they visit you. Try these easy to make enriching summertime mocktail recipes and introduce yourself to a realm of tasty and colourful beverages that are hard to find in local restaurants.


Lemongrass Jasmine Iced Tea:

Lemongrass jasmine ice tea is the Thai-inspired combination of jasmine tea, lychee juice and lemongrass-vanilla simple syrup. This earthy mocktail is filled with bunch of complementary summer flavors and also have many health benefits as it is loaded with vitamin C. To make this zesty drink prepare lemongrass-vanilla juice and refrigerate it. Boil water and add jasmine tea after that strain the tea in a bigger jar. Now put lychee juice in a shaker and shake it with ice. Now add all three in a shaker and shake well until the liquid is clear. Fill your glass with shaved ice and chunks of lychee pour the mixture and enjoy your refreshing drink. 



Cucumber-Grapefruit Juice:

Cucumber-Grapefruit is the best mocktail if you want to refresh your self while burning fats from your body. With a little hint of ginger this amazing drink is the best source to boost your immune system as it is jam-packed with antioxidants. To make this delightful summer drink put four to five glasses of water, sliced grapefruit & cucumber with lemon and ginger into a pitcher and shake it for 3 to 5 minutes. Also you can try it with many other flavors like you can add mint if you don’t like lemon so much. 


Ginger Peach Soda:

Ginger peach soda is an appetizing combination of peach, ginger and soda that not only tastes great but also gives your body an array of essential vitamins. The preparation of this tangy drink is very easy and it takes only 5 to 6 minutes to make this delightful drink. Add 2 tables spoon minced ginger, 4 to 5 freshly sliced peaches, half cup of water and two table spoons of sugar in a pitcher. After mixing-up them add half liter of soda what we recommend is to add half liter of chilled 7 up with fresh mint leaves and your summer refreshing ginger peach soda is ready.     


Watermelon lemonade:

The combination of watermelon with fresh lime juice is not only perfect but also irresistible if you want to counter the heat of summer with an energizing drink.  Both water melon and lemon promote hydration as they are chockfull with amino acids, vitamin C and potassium that can help you to stay cool in summers. To prepare this amazing summer refresher you need five to six seedless slices of water melon, two lemons and 3 cups of water. Add all these in juicer and shake well. Pour the mixture in glass filled with shaved ice and sprinkle mint leaves on top to enjoy your drink at its most.    


Cucumber mint lemonade:

Cucumber mint lemonade is the only drink you can have throughout summer to avoid the “summer slide”. If you want to stay hydrated with fresher skin both cucumber and lemon are the best cure for skin damage from the sun. With variety of benefits that cucumber and lemon contain this fantastic drink of summer must be on your hotlist. In order to prepare this refreshing summer potion put two peeled cucumbers with four tables spoon of lemon in a pot and set them aside for 5 minutes. Now add 4 table spoons of sugar, six to seven mint leaves and four cups of water in a juicer and blend them well. After that add mixture of cucumber and lemon juice in it and again shake for 2 minutes minimum. Serve it with shaved ice and some basil leaves on top.