Why I Love LUMS


Why I Love LUMS

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Salman Azhar | MS Computer Science

Being a computer science student doing his master’s, the thing I like about LUMS is that apart from amalgamation of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, it provides people with a platform to interact with international research community.

Zain Ul Abdin | Physics

Being a senior physics student at LUMS right now, the varsity to me has been more like a home. What makes LUMS really special is the diversity, liberty and great opportunities that it provides. There are people from all over Pakistan, bringing different cultures together. What I most admire is the liberty LUMS provides to its students, including no curfews and freedom to take any course you like from any discipline.

Being a Luminite, you learn one thing for sure regardless of your major, and that is time management. Apart from the fun side of LUMS, it has a very good faculty that is connected to foreign universities. So, there’s a pretty good probability of getting into a prestigious foreign university for graduate studies.LUMS is a space filled with opportunities of almost all kinds, you just need to grab yours.

Sehrish Mustansar | MPhil, Education and Leadership Management

LUMS is not an institute, it is an experience that took me upon a rollercoaster of books, friendships, lessons, joys and tears. From meeting people from diverse backgrounds to connecting with inspiring academics around the world, LUMS has been a hub of meaningful interactions for me.


Muhammad Nouman Khalid | MS – Computer Science

LUMS used to be, a utopia when I was an undergrad student. LUMS was nothing short of a fantasy for a simple guy from a humble background like me. Now that I am living the dream, I realize that LUMS is all that I thought it was, and so much more. LUMS has served like a window, one from where I have gotten a new perspective about life, freedom, difference of values and above all, an entirely different method of learning and education. LUMS has opened my mind to different perceptions about life and people, and I now find myself more receptive and sensitive about the things that really matter, as opposed to things that matter only because our society says they do. In addition to giving me a world-class graduate education, LUMS is allowing me break free from the suffocating shackles of limited vision that our society is suffering from.

Areeba Usman | Economics

Having spent one-and-a-half year at LUMS until now, my experiences have been extremely diversified and overwhelming. Even in this short time, my university has allowed me to explore my interests that are in sync with my personality, something that I never realized before. Being a part of the photography and media arts society has allowed me to develop my forte beyond academics; not to forget that the study of economics theory and applications has been quite fascinating and engaging. I just hope to make the most out of the facilities and exposures that LUMS has to offer.


Zainab Reza | Accounting & Finance

Being in LUMS put me in one of the most stressful situations I’ve ever been in. But that’s the thing – it doesn’t let you drown in the ocean of that stress. It gives you outlets, it gives you friends who pull you out, it gives you hope when all is dark. It gives you light. ACF specifically is a tough and demanding degree. But LUMS has given me the hope to pursue it everyday.


Saad Mujeeb | Accounting and Finance

The thing I loved most about my LUMS journey was the amount of exposure and opportunities we students are provided. The diversity on campus with students from not just different provinces and cities but from different countries and backgrounds is an experience in itself. Being able to access the 24/7 campus was a blessing, with libraries, labs and discussion rooms at your beck and call. The best part of LUMS is not its repute or campus, but the students that make it wonderful.


Ayla Khalid | Law Major

I would definitely say that the environment you experience at LUMS is a rare one, from trips, to societies, to projects and what not. Being a law major, I have been managing societies side by side, and I must say, it has been an eye-opener for me and has helped shape my personality in various ways. One thing that cannot go unnoticed is the creativity that thrives here and the leniency and freedom this institute offers to every individual. Thus, if I had to explain my LUMS experience so far, in one word, it would be exhilarating.


Salman Iqbal | Law Major

LUMS is a great place that gives you a lot of opportunities to explore your strengths and talents through academics, societies and various events that is keeps hosting. I as an individual explored a lot about myself. Though balancing academics, societies and social life can sometimes get a toll on your mind, it is a great place to be and learn and grow as an individual nonethelss.


Saud Alam | Econ and Pol Science

The thing I love about LUMS is that it accepts me as who I truly am. I was a sports enthusiast and LUMS offered me great opportunities in this regard. I love the exposure, the level of environment. I must say every day of the 4 years here has been worth the while.