Learning With Video Games


Learning With Video Games

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n 2018 Entertainment Software Association published a study that shows 60% of American students play video games daily and predicts that this will increase to 85% in the near future. But despite having many advantages, video games only get bad press whenever any wave of violence occurs or students perform below par academically. Many studies have been done to prove side effects of video games on students, but many experts believe that it’s like blaming food for obesity. Researchers strongly agree that if used in the right way, video games have a lot of potential to inspire learning. Due to their interactive nature, video games can get the attention of students in a way that is simply impossible for classrooms. According to many recent studies video games have many benefits for students such as improved visual skills, hand-eye coordination, multitasking skills, reading skills, and brain stimulation, but key among them is enriched cognitive skills. 

Ed tech industry around the globe has adopted video games as a tool of interactive learning and this leads to the inception of new type of education called “edutainment”. By combining education and entertainment, scientists and educational institutes are drawing-in the interest of students towards lengthy educational concepts.  So here is a list of edutainment video games students of different fields can play to learn difficult concepts in a fun format.



A latest study done on 217 medical students revealed that 98% of students think medical video games can help them test their skills without the fear of failure and allow them to learn from their mistakes. Raised in the age of technology, medical students today are entirely different than those of fifteen years ago. Many role-playing and healthcare simulation games are available for medical students nowadays that can help them experience their future life and its challenges. Here are some of the best educational video games for medical students:



Especially designed for medical students Prognosis is a good game if you want to improve your improve your ability to diagnose a disease with and key clinical presentations. The game ranked number one in the US under the category of medical games and offers 400+ cases of different medical specialties.


Clinical Sense:

Clinical Sense is the app to practice being a doctor. With Clinical Sense, you can improve your ability to appropriately manage a patient over time: from presentation, to admission to discharge. This game is best to understand the rationale behind each of the steps you will take in daily clinical encounters.



Advancement of software and gaming technologies brought many good games that are inspired by or directly involve engineering concepts to enhance the skills of engineering students. Here are some entertaining yet educational games to cater the taste of engineering students and allow them to learn engineering theories whilst they unwind.  



A resourceful game if you want to learn about engineering resources like power plants, electric poles, hubs, drills, conveyor belts, and assembly. Satisfactory is a base building game with different scenarios that have their unique set of engineering issues.



This game not only making chemistry fun but give players a deep concept about the principles of automation. Puzzles of the game will open up the universe of possibilities and force players to invent engineering solutions rather than to discover.



Online learning for programming has come a long way with tons of online tutorials already available. Video games are replacing old style tutorials by providing an incredible way to practice programming in a fun way. Here are some interactive and beginner friendly games to learn programing.



CodeCombat is a gam-ified way to practice coding and solving algorithmic challenges if you want to learn programming by yourself. Player can register as a teacher and invite others to join. Features like tutorial alongside the game and multiple programming languages have made this game talk of the town.


Human Resource Machine

Great game for exercising your programming brain as you complete tasks by combining various instructions together. This game is best to learn logical flow and memory management concepts along with assembly programming. This game is good for apprentices but some basic familiarity with programming concepts such as loops and algorithms is prerequisite.



Among many gaming genres that gaming revolution has taken to a whole new level business management role play games are the important ones. Business students can unleash the business mogul within without any hard work or putting real money at risk. Here are some good games that can help you to increase your business management skills.


Cities: Skylines

The game allows you to run a city like running a business with power that any mayor or city planner possesses. Main challenge is to operate within budget while keeping your labor happy. If you want to learn how to build a business properly and how to plan efficiently this game is for you.


The Founder

This game is what you need to play if you are planning to launch a business. The game is a learning resource to learn complete business cycle of a startup from seeding money to first instalment of the product and taking it to the market. Real-life situations like how you market the product, how much money you should pay the employees, how to keep your clients happy and at the same time dealing with your available budget made this game a fantastic start-up simulator.


Rana Hammad is  a Digital Head at Academia Magazine.He can be reached at Rana.hammad@academiamag.com