Ed-Tech Inventions


Ed-Tech Inventions

Education is increasingly becoming high tech as it is enhancing teaching beyond traditional ways of learning. Teachers, learners, and education systems must keep pace with the latest technology trends that are directly impacting education and learning systems. Doubtlessly technology trends are working as driving force in the education sector and opening up many new gates for what lies ahead. As education institutes are the most rapidly growing markets for new technology gadgets the new digital age is notably influencing the ways of learning and teaching. Here are some latest Edtech trends that are helping students to learn the skills that are necessary for their future.

Virtual Reality in Education

 In today’s Ed-tech world Virtual Reality technology is among the hottest things and big companies such as Samsung, Google, Sony and Facebook are gearing up for application of VR technology is education. Human brain tends to remember 90% of what it simulates and that’s why VR is the most important tool for deep understanding and learning. By interacting with a 3D objects students can learn complex concepts easily because this technology allows students to learn by using all core senses together. With the help of VR our classrooms are not limited to walls as it converts the old boring studying methods into a fun experience.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

From the lowest to the most advanced study levels Artificial Intelligence is not only changing the study trends but also revolutionized key activities such as marking attendance, grading tests and trainers feedback for improvements. Another great thing machine learning backed by AI is providing is the enhance role personalized learning for students with special needs. However what AI changed so far is just the tip of the iceberg but in near future our educational institutes and AI will go hand-in-hand. 


Cloud Computing for Education

With rapid growth of cloud computing technology almost all educational institutes are saving their resources on cloud so that their pupils can access it from any part of the world. Cloud computing is helping educational institutes and teachers to save their hearty resources from written lessons, audio lessons, to videos in order to avoided flimsy excuses that students normally give. This latest technology trend is not only improving the institutional productivity of a school, college or university but also enable these educational institutes to lift collaborative work with reducing costs.

3D Printing

Another latest Ed-tech trend that is rippling in the education sector is teaching with the help of 3D printed objects. 3D printing creates excitement by bringing objects out of the computer screen so that students can inspect and do physical analysis for better understanding. This printing technique can help students of all ages to understand complex concepts by looking at their prototypes.  In short using 3D printing in education opens up an array of learning and training opportunities to experiment with ideas for both students and teachers.


Game-Based Learning

Because of its highly adaptive nature educational institutes around globe and embracing game-based learning for basic as well as for complex study programs. The challenge-reward concept of learning games boost problem-solving skills in students in a fun way. In today’s world where students and teachers are often pressed for time Game-based learning is the best tool to introduce or teach new topics. 

Smart Boards

Smartboards are being utilized in many educational institutes now a day as a step beyond projectors. These smartboards not only allow tutors to write with digital markers but also allow them to use visual aids with limitless possibilities. This useful tool upsurges students participation, collaboration and interaction in class.  Every educational institute must use Smartboards as soon as they can if they want better learning experience for their students. 

Digital Text Books

With many advantages including the core advantage of cost saving Digital textbooks are the new trend that is adopted by many educational institutes around the world. Use of digital textbook instead of physical books helps us to fight frighteningly uncertain environmental challenges human being are facing. These digital books are more accessible, inexpensive and convenient in use that’s the reason almost all major publishers are spending millions on developing digital textbooks with features that are impossible in printed books.

Hammad Anwar is Digital Head at Academia Magazine.He can be reached at Hammad.anwar@academiamag.com