Why I love My University


Why I love My University

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NCA is the stuff of dreams. Those who aspire to be here dream of it every day, while those who do make it past its gates are faced with the opportunity to making those dreams come true. It’s a landmark in the heart of Lahore, a hallmark of art history in Pakistan and a cherished alma mater of hundreds of thousands of creative souls. We ask some of them what makes them love NCA.

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Abeerah Muzzamil (Visual Communication Arts)

NCA is as good an institution as it gets and perfect place for dreamers. That is exactly why it has produced so many amazing people who dared to dream and then pursue those dreams to make a mark for themselves all over the world. One important thing about being at NCA is that you get to meet a lot of amazing people, and I have found may fair share of gems. At NCA, you always feel like a free spirit.

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Amna Shahid (Architecture)


The environment you experience at NCA is not only one of the rarest in Pakistan, but it is also one of the most enabling for a student of art and related disciplines. There is always a vibe of engagement in the air and manifested in students engrossed in myriad activities anywhere you look around the campus. NCA is a great place for creative expression.

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Amna Tariq (Interior Design)

The most inspiring thing about NCA is its archival architecture. The buildings resonate with the institution’s legacy and the feeling of grandeur is unmistakable. Also noticeable is the leniency the place offers, and creativity thrives when unrestrained. At NCA there’s no conventional pressure or hardline stances, both in terms of academics and social life. This makes NCA a sanctuary to practice art. Will love it always.

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Anam Bhatti (BFA fine Arts

The thing that I liked the most about NCA was the diversity. The diverse group of people I interacted and became friends with taught me how to accept people who have different views than you and love them for who they are. This experience helped me learn to understand and accept different ideas, especially from the variety of experiences that people of different races and religions have encountered. I think I can never thank NCa enough for this opportunity.

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Raja Muneeb Ullah (Multimedia Arts)


The thing I like about my institute is that it allows students to explore various talents they have, and gives them the opportunity to try new things. The education we get here is extremely important as it lays the foundations for students to make befitting use of their imagination and creativity. NCA is more than an arts institution and I think it prepares students to solve problems in the real world using honed creativity and imagination.

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Noor Imran (Film & TV)


The thing I absolutely loved about NCA was that there was always someone around whenever I needed someone. All my peers, friends and teachers were extremely kind. Another thing I really liked about NCa was that there was loads of talented people and you could learn something from each one of them. I am glad I made friends with many of these amazing people and feel lucky to have them in my life. Thanks NCA.

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Sadaf Javed (Multimedia Arts)


Studying in NCA is an overwhelming experience. It is an art school that itself is a piece of art. The moment you enter NCA, you are exposed to a world colored with an artistic flair. You see students tending to work everywhere, in classrooms, in corridors, in the lawns – painting, sculpting, singing, playing music, acting and performing. Other than the unique exposure, NCA lets you truly be yourself. Its helps you explore your talents, lets you experiment and enables you to polish them under the guidance of highly qualified and creative faculty. That really makes one fall in love with NCA.

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Sheikh Subhan (Textile Design)


The thing I liked most about NCA is its art and theatre societies. I have been the co-director of SKITS society, which greatly helped me explore various facets of my personality. My best times at college was the ones I spent engaged with societies, it was a whole new world to me. In short, my years at NCA were a continuous experience of learning, self-growth and self-discovery.

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Seerat Fatima (Visual Art)


One of the perks of going to NCA for me was that I needed to buy minimal to no textbooks, depending on the courses you’re taking. NCA is a whole new world from the traditional educational settings a student comes from and is full of amazing people you can get inspired from.I simply loved getting the opportunity to be at this amazing institution, one of the most rewarding and helpful experiences of my life.

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Compiled By Sehrish Khan Content Developer at Academia Magazine