Why I Love My University


Why I Love My University

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UMT has come a long way in a short span of time. From humble beginnings, the university has now turned into a state-of-the-art higher education institution that welcomes students from a wide variety of backgrounds and turns them into sought-after professionals that make a mark in every field they step into. We ask some current as well as former students about the reasons that make them love UMT.


Rimmal Sheikh (Special Education)

I am proud of being a part of the UMT community and I loved every minute of the time I spent at the campus. At UMT, I found some of the best mentors and teachers who guided me diligently during my student life. I love my university and miss everything about it. I wouldn’t think twice if I was asked to relive the whole UMT experience.


Misbah Munir (Business Administration)

My overall experience of UMT was extremely positive. Hats off to the support and help provided by staff and teachers. I am thankful to my teachers for encouraging me to participate in extracurricular activities, along with guiding me to improve my performance in the classroom. The School of Business at UMT provided me hands-on experience in a multi-cultural setting and I firmly believe that the academic standards at UMT are truly aligned with current market requirements and are conducive for professional growth. 


Fatima Chughtai (Health Sciences)

I love my UMT because of its high-quality education and research and an excellent environment and support services. Also, it has helped me in building my confidence and career. It’s not just a place filled with students and marvellous architecture, for me, it is more than an educational institute and a pathway to a professional journey.


Warda Abdullah (Social Sciences)

My department not only allows us to discover our creative talents but also provides us with much-needed opportunities to nurture and polish our artistic and creative energies. The education we get at the varsity is up-to-date and combines both practical and theoretical elements of the media industry, grooming us to find our path in the dynamic and changing media realm of the country.


Nadeem Dar (MBA Executive)

One of the best things about UMT is that it emphasises on co-curricular activities just as much as it focuses on raising the academic bar of its students. I love UMT for providing me with a myriad opportunities to learn from the industry gurus, get the know-how of the latest technological trends and polish my skillset per the market demand. 


Maryam Sheikh (Fashion Designing)

I love UMT because it gives me the motivation to fulfil my dreams, to achieve what I want to achieve and to be the person I want to be. The entire environment is focused on supporting students to achieve their curricular and extra-curricular goals. It’s truly a great place if you dare to dream and go after them.


Talha Tahir (Industrial engineering)

UMT is a wonderful place to learn, innovate and follow your passions. I am an active member of the sports club at the varsity. I have participated in several sporting events such as cricket tournaments and football competitions etc. I am happy that I chose UMT for my degree programme, which indeed is one of the best places to study industrial engineering. 


Raina Adnan (Graphic Designing)

I love UMT because teachers here not only impart the tricks of the trade, but they also counsel you and guide you in dealing with real world matters. The thing that I love the most about my university is its diverse student body and faculty, who are not only kind but are also very supportive. I am glad that I have made some of the best friends at UMT and I am lucky to be a part of UMT’S growing community. 


Meesam Javed (Mass Communication)

It is a matter of grade pride for me to study at a university that encourages its students in co-curricular activities as well as academic activities. Not only this, OPA is the finest place to be at if you are interested in extra-curricular activities. I would like to thank the OPA team for providing me with the much-needed exposure to the outside world and for grooming my overall personality.


Iqra Butt (English Literature)

Faculty at UMT is kind, supportive and respectful. They not only listen to our queries and resolve them at the earliest, but also motivate us to participate in healthy discussions and raise sound arguments. The thing I love most about UMT is its student funding opportunities supervised by the ILM Trust, which allows students with varied economic background to pursue their education without a worry.