Which Universities Produce The Most Successful People?


Which Universities Produce The Most Successful People?

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Is success contagious? If things are to be taken as they are, it might well be. When the alumni of the university you are attending regularly make it to the list of some of the richest people on the planet, motivation could come flying your way rather unnoticed. Findcourses.co.uk help us take a look at the universities that produce the most successful people.

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or many, a solid university education is seen as the natural springboard into the professional realm. And attending a university with an extensive alumni network can certainly increase the chances for those who aspire to become leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs.  By looking at the Forbes 2018 billionaires list, Findcourses.co.uk, a leading UK-based professional training organization, looked at the universities each individual on the list attended and how they subsequently made their money. 


Top 10 Universities For Success 

Ranking universities with the highest net worth based on their alumni, Harvard University sits comfortably at the top with eight billionaires, having the highest total net worth at $217.5b. Immediately following Harvard are some of the other renowned American educational institutions such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University and Stanford University. Shenzhen University and Wuhan University in China as well as Ecole Polytechnique Of France also secured spots in the top 10. Not surprisingly, all the universities in this list have more than one billionaire alumni, with the top five universities all having at least three. 


The Full Picture: Top 100 Universities and Findings


Something else that stands out in the Top 100 is the kinds of degrees that the billionaires graduated with. The vast majority finished with a Bachelor’s in arts and science, including every single member of the top ten.The university with the highest average net worth is Princeton, despite having far fewer billionaire alumni compared to Harvard. This high average is created (some might say skewed) by Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and the richest billionaire on Forbes’ list, whose net worth of $112bn pulls Princeton up to first place. Other recognizable names from the list also include Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay, and Bloomberg’s Michael Bloomberg, who attended Tufts University and Johns Hopkins University, respectively. Another interesting finding is that 68 out of the 100 billionaires are self-made, having created global tech-giants such as Google, Apple, and Facebook.


Geography: The US Still Leads The Race

Looking at the geographic distribution of the top universities and the nationalities of the 100 billionaires, the US—much predictably—contains the highest density of both. In the top 20 spots for institutions, US boasts eight educational institutions, ahead of Russia and China.The US is also the most common nationality among the 100 billionaires around the world, with 35 successful individuals whose names made it onto the list. China, Russia, Germany, India and Brazil also appear on the most common nationalities ranking, each having more than four individuals who are Forbes top 100 billionaires. 


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