GCU Holds Webinar On Coronavirus Vaccine and Related Myths

LAHORE: A webinar on “Coronavirus vaccine and myths related to it” was held at the Government College University Lahore under the auspices of its Disease Awareness and Prevention Society.

The two-hour webinar, addressed by the renowned infectious diseases and internal medicine expert  Dr. Faheem Younus and Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Asghar Zaidi aimed at diminishing misconceptions regarding the coronavirus and its vaccines.

The medicine expert provided updated and authentic information to the university students regarding its future prospects in Pakistan.

Addressing the webinar via zoom Dr. Younus said that two successful RNA-based vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) would be soon available in the global biotech market for all countries and explained their mode of operation.

He added that these vaccines identify the spike proteins and then synthesize mRNA products, which after giving signals to the body, self-destructs and dissolves in the system.

With this exploratory analysis, Dr. Younas tried to bust the myth of lasting side effects.  He expressed Pakistan would be able to prioritize and systematically distribute the vaccine, upon its reception, first among its front line workers, then among older people and finally the youth.

“Vaccines may cause minimal side effects in some people but would overall be beneficial,” Dr Younas said.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Zaidi enlightened the participants and the fellow panellists about the importance of vaccines especially to the older people which have been the focal point of his research endeavours.

GCU VC also apprised the audience regarding the  initiatives by GCU Lahore in these difficult and demanding times to raise awareness about coronavirus and practically support the frontline health workers.



GCU Sets Up Mental Health Helpline For Tele-Counselling

The Government College University Lahore has established the Tele-counseling Centre for providing free online counseling services to people dealing with anxiety, stress, fear or other psychological issues arising due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus and lockdown in their houses.


Punjab Govt Extends Vacations In Schools Till May 31st

The Punjab government has extended vacations in schools till May 31st and has announced that these vacations will be a part of the summer vacations.

The decision was taken in the Punjab cabinet meeting held on Tuesday.

The Cabinet also decided that only half the fee would be charged to the students during this period, but the teachers would receive their full salaries.

The Punjab government had earlier announced the closing of schools till April 5th in wake of Corona virus.

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UHS Establishes National Tele-Medicine Center For Corona Virus Control

The University of Health Sciences (UHS) has established a National Tele-medicine Center for Corona virus (COVID-19) control to help healthcare providers manage and mitigate the spread of deadly virus.


Coronavirus And Pakistan: What We All Must Know About COVID-19

Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic by World Health Organization. Therefore, it is necessary for the general public to realize the seriousness of the situation, and for the government to take effective measures to prevent the spread of disease.

A pandemic refers to disease; in this case Coronavirus, which spreads over a vast geographic area, and can affect a major proportion of population. Coronavirus, has to date spread to 127 countries with 21 confirmed cases in Pakistan, and the total number of cases going upwards of 138,000 worldwide.