Six types of teachers that we have all experienced in the university

Half of the university life is passed just by understanding the teachers of the department. You have to check the paper-making strategies, the marking criteria, and the sessional marks criteria of a teacher in order to score well in their exam. However, mostly there are a few categories of teachers that we all have experienced in our university. Some of them are serious and some are funny with the students. Whatever students gossip about every teacher in their cafeteria and other meetups. After all, this is the fun of university life, right? 

Here are the six most common types of teachers that we all have had in our departments. If you have not had one, you might experience them in the coming semesters. So, be ready!  

The inspiring one

There is at least one teacher who would not let you be demotivated. They will inspire you to get good grades, to do the research of your own choice, to take your decisions, and to have high goals. Not all teachers are like this because many believe in discouraging students from their ambitions. But this one teacher will tell you to pursue your ambitions in the right direction. Students mostly visit them for counseling or to discuss the problems they are having learning. This teacher might be tough in marking but never favors one student over for reasons other than studies.  

The one who likes giving long questions in the exams

This is the teacher who likes being discussed among students as ‘the one who really gives long and tough exams.’ Whether she or he would read those papers or not, that is another question. But giving students the questions that they will not be able to complete on time is their favorite thing to do. So, students know that you start writing the moment you get your paper. There is no need to think because who is going to read the paper?   

The one that gives you a tough time

This is the teacher that gives you a tough time but judges everyone on merit. Usually, students are divided on their opinion about such a teacher. Some love studying from them and some just want to get rid of them. Such teachers challenge the capabilities and knowledge of students in a healthy way. Their exams are tough but not the ones that cannot be done by students. So, they challenge students to test their utmost thinking and studying abilities to solve the exams.  

The really beautiful one 

There is at least one teacher that is the crush of half of the department. If the teacher is a female, she is the fashion icon of the department and boys just wish to have their classes. And girls, they just idealize her because, why not! They follow her for fashion inspiration. 

Well in the case of a male teacher, he is the really hot one who the girls are mad after. Boys are sometimes jealous because why is that teacher overshadowing them? Well, these are usually the visiting teachers who do last for too long. It is your luck if you got one as a permanent faculty of your department.   

The one who is too senior for you

Students try to relate with teachers so that they can understand their criteria and the method of teaching better. Likewise, some teachers put equal effort to teach their students by going to their level. 

Then there is this category of teachers who are too senior to teach students by going on their level and who students cannot relate to in any possible way. So, students learn all the concepts from their seniors, from each other, or by other online sources because this teacher is also not available for the students if they need any help. After all, they have their attitude. 

The best teacher

You are lucky to have such a teacher who is best in all aspects. At least one of the teachers is the one that teaches you through the best methods, discusses bigger ideas than mere the course outline, inspires you through their personality, and is not very tough in their marking criteria. Students love to have such a mentor. Mostly, the whole class has the same view about this teacher and everyone is inspired by the charisma of their personality. 

By Ayesha Areej

Ayesha Areej is a staff writer at The Academia Magazine

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