Must read books on Journalism

If you like journalism or want to become a journalist, then these are the books you must add to your list. If you are in the early stages of journalism or thinking of opting for journalism, you should read these books on Journalism. This article also answers the question: What should be read to be a journalist?

1. On Writing by Stephen King

This book is for all those aspiring journalists or the students of journalism as this book contains valuable advice from the world’s most successful writers. It also takes its readers on an insightful journey into the lives of these successful writers. The book also focuses on the hardships and failures that Stephen King faced throughout his life but was later followed by success. This book is a must-read for all upcoming journalists as it offers great valuable pieces of advice which are useful in practical life.

2. Super Searchers in the News by Paula J. Hane

This is a great book for all the journalists in the modern Internet age. The author, Hane, goes on to interview journalists who navigate the Web to find useful sources, documents, files and pieces of information for their news articles to strengthen the stories. This book is in the format of questions and answers with a lot of useful sites and references that can come in handy. The book is quite influential for today’s readers because it helps people see the potential of online journalism and the importance that it has. This book is a must-read.

3. Mobile and Social Media Journalism: A Practical Guide by Anthony Adornato

Mobile and Social Media Journalism is the go-to guide on understanding how today’s journalists use mobile phones, social media apps to gather content, information, engage audience and much more. The book also provides engaging practical activities in every chapter which helps to enable its readers to get a hold onto the trending social media skills that today’s journalists need and what the news agencies look for. The author also goes on to discuss how the changing era of technology has changed the views of people and the way audiences consume news and what these changing prospects means for these journalists. A must-read book.

4. The Ethical Journalist: Making Responsible Decisions in the Digital Age, 3rd Edition by Gene Foreman, Daniel R. Biddle, Emilie Lounsberry, Richard G. Jones

This book is written by four authors which focuses on comprehensive examination of the current issues in the world in the field of journalism ethics. The book consists of the definitive work on journalism ethics and practices, and it should be a basic text in every journalism school. The book gives an insight on real-life stories and case studies which help to explain the ethics of journalism and gives out strategies to make things work. It also gives students the tools which they need to navigate the challenges of journalism today. A good read.

5. The Associated Press Guide to News Writing by Rene J. Cappon

This one is quite an interesting read as it helps its readers discover the great methods and skillful tricks of becoming an amazing news writer. The author, Rene, has produced this great practical handbook which is the ideal writing style guide for all upcoming journalists, reporters or writers. It covers all the useful and valuable essentials which are required for good writing. It contains ideas with lively examples from newspapers and stories. This book will help you to become a better writer and give ideas on how to write good exceptional articles. Worth a read.

6. Global Journalism: An Introduction by Vera Slavtcheva Petkova

This is an ideal book for undergraduate and postgraduate students of international and global journalism or media and communications studies. The book provides a clear comprehensive overview of international journalism and global news reporting in today’s digital era. The book goes on to focus on the contexts the journalists around the world operate in, the threats, the challenges, the pressures they face and much more. This book is all about the variety of journalisms which exist across the globe. A must-read book.

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