Fun facts about Punjab University Law College

Punjab University Law College (PULC) is one of the oldest departments of the university. It has produced countless graduates serving in different fields including the judiciary, bureaucracy, law, etc. Only the students who outperform in the entrance test are able to secure admission there. But what is it like to be a student of PULC? This is what the students say.

  1. Teachers are annoyed by you if you attend your classes daily

In the Law College of Punjab University, there is a trend of coming to the classes only once in a while. It is not only about students, everyone including staff members are so used to it that they get annoyed if they find a student coming to the college daily.

  1. If you find a girl in PULC, you are the luckiest person on Earth

PULC is like a boys’ college with two or three girls that you can easily spot in a class. So, it is very rare if you find the love of your life there. If you are a boy and get to be friends with a girl, you are the luckiest person on Earth.

  1. You will have to attend 7 am classes that you don’t want to miss

Yes, attending classes is not a trend in Law College. But sometimes, the classes are held early in the morning and you don’t want to miss them. Usually, these classes are conducted by professor emeritus and you will never find them coming late. So, it becomes an obligation to attend these classes.

  1. Get ready to be in an identity crisis after you graduate

After you graduate from Law College, you realize how tough the life of a lawyer can be. Most of the students reconsider their career choices and decide to appear in different exams. Whatever you decided at that stage, get ready to be in crisis.

  1. There are very few girls and Jamiat will not let you even sit with them

If you want to hang out with the two to three girls that you have in your class, know that it is no less than a challenge in PULC. Jamiat is the strongest moral police in the college and it will stop you from sitting with a girl even if it is a library.

  1. The dean of Law College is least interested in the college

The dean of law college is all good except that she is not interested in the college at all. There are a lot of problems that need to be addressed. Starting from old fans to the unavailability of air conditioners and renovation of certain rooms, the building needs a lot of improvements. Whenever you complain to her about the ACs, she will tell you that a new building is going to be constructed and that it will have air conditioners. Wait until your next generation comes to study here for this dream to come true.

  1. The teachers visit law college like a groom will visit his in-laws

This is what the students say about teachers. Like a groom only visits his in-laws on special occasions, the teachers of law college bother less to come to the college. That is the reason they don’t want to see students coming to attend classes every day.

  1. If you want to have all the students present in law college, one class would be enough

It is famous about law college that you could collect all the students of college present at a time in one class. What is the reason they don’t bother coming to the college? Well, if no one is bothered, why should they do. If you are considering joining Punjab University Law College, get ready to be a part of the boring yet chill department of the university.

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