Top six reasons to study Finance

Finance degrees have always been an exceptional choice for those who want to understand how the world economy works and the secrets behind financial independence, money, and investments. With so many new varieties of degrees being offered nowadays, Finance remains one of the most popular subjects. The main question is that: is Finance degree still worth it in the year 2022? If yes, then why should you choose to study Finance? With the world moving rapidly into cryptocurrencies and digital spaces, businesses are looking for professionals who know all the latest trends and innovations in the finance world. In this article, you will read about the top six reasons as to why you should study finance in today’s leading business world.

1. Finance industry constantly evolving

With the most recent technology coming out in the field, the world of finance has rapidly grown beyond big traditional banks. Understanding finance can help you to keep up with this fast-growing field of financial technology which is also known as “FinTech.” From raising money online for start-ups, to managing investments or to digital money transfers, it is all being done without the need of a physical person behind the screen. As this type of software continues to develop, businesses will constantly need professionals with up-to-date knowledge and skills for these financial programs.

2. Finance jobs are well-paid and high in demand

In the latest research it was found that jobs in the finance sector were ranked in the top ten requested categories in multiple countries. From multinational companies to small shops to small start-ups to large corporations, they all need finance and are willing to pay a large sum of money to the experts in this field. If you choose to study finance, you are securing a stable professional future.

3. Become a strong problem solver

Finance involves analyzing numbers and learning to turn them into actionable business insights. It also teaches the students the difference between value and price, how to create value and how the future has an effect on today’s value. Learning how to take quantitative data, using it to solve problems and knowing how to make business decisions is a valuable skill which can help you in your career and securing a good job.

4. Education in finance useful in daily life

We are faced with financial decisions every day. It can be anything, whether to eat out or paying for our pottery lessons fee, these choices require a basic knowledge of finance. Getting knowledge of the finance sector will not only open job opportunities for us but will also help us in our everyday tasks.

5. Makes our resume stand out

If you want to differentiate your resume then finance is a good place to start, especially if you are about to enter the workforce as a young professional without any prior experience. Showing that you are interested in business and have ample knowledge in the field will surely make you a more attractive candidate.

6. Finance degrees are profitable

As the finance industry is constantly growing, there are many growing varieties of finance jobs. A degree in finance has the potential to lead to a promising career in this sector with some amazing jobs with top paying positions. Some of these jobs can be like investment banker, senior accountant, loan officer, personal financial advisor, financial analyst, financial examiner, financial manager, information technology auditor and so much more.

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Reasons that will make you want to study in Canada

Preparing for your future can be a scary thing, especially when it comes to choosing universities for higher education. There are so many options to choose from. But out of all these options Canada comes out on top and here are a few good reasons to choose study in Canada.

Canada has always been ranked as one of the best countries in the world due to its high quality of life and education. Canada has been an ideal place for higher education since years and many students opt going to Canada not only because of the education but also the job and internship opportunities they have over there.

1. It is affordable

Canada is one of those countries who offer top-notch education to international students and the best part is that it is quite affordable. Tuition fee in Canada when compared to other countries is a lot cheaper. Also, keeping in mind the wonderful work opportunities for students, whether it is full-time or part-time. Qualified students are also granted scholarships to cut down on educational expenses. Plus, the cost of living there is low too.

2. Benefit from a world class education from top universities

Some of the top ranked universities are in Canada which compete with the leading and famous universities of that with U.K and the U.S. Canadian university degrees hold a lot of significance, and they are recognized around the world. The Canadian educational system encourages the development of transferable skills like teamwork and critical thinking. They also use the latest technology to teach their students. Some of the top Canadian universities are McGill University, University of Montreal, University of Toronto and University of British Columbia.

3. Quality of life; safe and peaceful

Canada is one of the safest countries in the world with lowest crime rates. Canada has been listed as the peaceful country across the globe by Global Peace Index. The quality of life is cheaper than other countries where people also have access to world-class healthcare and infrastructure too.

4. Earn while you learn and study

Students are allowed to work part time while studying. They can work for about 20 hours per week on campus or even outside. The students have great internship opportunities as well and they can also apply for a post-study work permit depending on their degree or the duration of their program.

5. Opportunity to gain work experience after graduating

The Canadian government offers work programs to students who have obtained a diploma or a degree. In this way, the students will gain work experience in Canada and is also a great way to continue to live in the country while enhancing and developing their working skills.

6. Cultural Diversity

Canada is a quite welcoming country and welcomes people with open arms. People from different countries have been migrating to Canada for so many years so this gives Canada the edge of cultural diversity. There are higher chances that you will be surrounded by a huge multicultural environment both in the society as well as your campus. Canadians embrace the diversity and recognize that as their strength. As you study in Canada, you will get to experience festivals and events of all ethnic groups which itself is a wonderful experience. This is also a great thing as you can easily adapt and make new friends from different cultures.

7. Living in a bilingual environment

Canada is a bilingual country which makes studying here an amazing opportunity to develop and enhance language skills. French and English are both official languages in Canada but again wherever you go, you can easily speak in English.

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