Ten best countries to study abroad

Studying abroad is a great way to develop additional social, language and academic skills but choosing the perfect country for further studies can be a confusing task. Studying abroad can surely enhance your university years as well as gives you a competitive advantage when it comes to entering the real world and finding a good job.
If you are considering studying abroad, this article is for you as we have listed the ten best countries to study abroad.

1. Singapore

Singapore is the ideal higher education destination for international students because it has some of the famous top-ranking universities, a great booming economy and a student-friendly environment. Singapore has about 34 universities out of which six are national and two of them are renowned for the high-quality education they offer. Some of the top universities are Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore Management University and National University Singapore.

2. United Kingdom

The UK has a wide variety of high-quality universities and is one of the top countries to study abroad. It is of no surprise that UK universities consistently rank among the top universities in the world. The country in general is a culturally diverse and welcoming place.

3. United States

Over 750000 international students attend university in the US every year. The choice of universities in the US is mind-boggling. With over 4000 universities scattered across the country, the US is a country that is not only home to the best Ivy league schools but also some of the top-ranking universities around the globe. These institutes offer a vast range of degrees that are accepted and recognized worldwide. Some of the top universities include Harvard University, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University.

4. Canada

Canada tops the list of the best countries to study abroad. Many students opt for Canada to go for further studies because of its low tuition fees, standard of living and the high-quality education that the country offers. Studying in Canada is a lot cheaper than studying in USA, UK or Australia, the cost of living depends on the program you choose.

5. Australia

One of the important factors that motivates students to choose Australia for their further studies is their top-notch education system. Australia’s education system focuses more on the research-based work which helps the students to think outside the box and get more creative. Some of the top universities in Australia are University of Sydney, Australian National University (ANU) and The University of Melbourne.

6. Germany

Germany is one of the best countries to study abroad. This is because Germany offers free tuition to undergraduate students. Several students are drawn to the many pleasures of German culture and the world class education system. Not only in regards of education but Germany is a great place for academic internships with headquarters of some of the biggest multinational companies.

7. China

China is gaining much popularity as many students flock to study in cities like Hong Kong and Shanghai as it brings out the competitive advantage onto their resumes. Not only does China has the best universities for higher education but it is also the largest emerging economy in the world which gives the students a competitive edge in the job market.

8. Japan

Japan offers quite generous scholarship schemes for the international students. With the country offering low tuition fees and living costs, it has been seen that Japan’s international popularity rose in the recent years. Japan has some of the top-notch universities which are renowned for their programs in science, mathematics and technology. It also offers the world’s highest educational standards to its students.

9. France

While France is mostly known for its rich history, culture, art, fashion and fine cuisine, it is also a home to many students as the high education options are also accessible and prominent. France has over 260,000 international students and over 3000 institutes that offer top-notch high-quality education. Offering a vast variety of degree options, some may include art and design, business, health and well-being, information technology, computer science and much more. Studying in France is an option for everyone.

10. Russia

Many international students choose Russia as their higher studies destination because their diplomas are recognized in numerous countries worldwide. Higher education institutes offer hundreds of majors in Bachelors, Masters, internships, Postgraduate programs and much more. There are over 800 universities in about 82 regions of the country. In fact, several famous mathematicians, engineers and professionals in natural sciences have origins from Russia.

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Best boarding schools in Pakistan

Best boarding schools in Pakistan

A boarding school is an institute that provides lodging, residence, meals, and education to its students. Making the right choice of institution for education is one of the most important and biggest decisions that a person takes in life. The decision for education, choosing the right school, college or university can be one that proves to be life-changing. In this article, we have compiled a bunch of the best boarding schools in Pakistan which would help you to make a better choice for your young ones.

1. Cadet College Hasan Abdal

Cadel College Hasan Abdal is the first all boy’s cadet college in Pakistan which was established back in the 1952. It is one of the best boarding schools in Pakistan. Cadet College Hasan Abdal has contributed a lot by giving many successful individuals to many generations in Pakistan. In fact, Cadet College encourages its students to actively take part in sports, so they are not the best in education but in sports too.

2. Chand Bagh School

Chand Bagh School also comes in the list of the best boarding schools of Pakistan. Their students have outstanding academic records, and they produce some of the excellent sportsman. Their hockey team is also considered to be one of the best in the country.

3. Saint Lawrence College

Lawrence College, which is in Murree, is also a good option for boarding schools in the country. It provides the best quality of education with highly qualified faculty members and a good disciplinary environment for their students. It is an all-boys college.

4. Sadiq Public School

Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur is also one of the biggest boarding schools in Pakistan. It is one of the very few boarding schools for girls which offers high quality education that too at the high school level. It has separate campuses for boys and girls. It has a huge campus of 451 acres.

5. Pakistan Air Force College

Located in Sargodha, Pakistan Air Force College is a great boarding school that too specially for boys. They offer a lot to students who get their admission here and the good part is that the college offers the best cadet training too.

6. Army Burn Hall College

Army Burn Hall College located in Abbottabad was established back in the 1948 by missionary fathers. It has two campuses, Junior Burn Hall which is the girls’ section and Senior Burn Hall which is the boy’s section. Army Burn Hall offers its top-notch education and boarding to more than 2000 students.

7. Aitchison College

Aitchison College is in the heart of Lahore right next to the Governor’s house. It was established in 1886. It is one of the best boarding schools in Pakistan. Aitchison College has given this country many good politicians, athletes and scientists.

8. PAF Public School Lower Topa

This is an all-boys military boarding school which is situated in PAF Base, Lower Topa near Patriata in Murree region. They educate their students using modern art and practical teaching techniques. The administration at the school strives to make their students into confident yet disciplined individuals who are assets of the country.

Looking to study abroad? Here is the list of countries that are the best for international students.