Business shows every student should watch

Are you a business student looking for some interesting shows or movies to watch? Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? You might wonder if there are any good educational business shows that can help a student to become an entrepreneur in the future or learn about good business tactics. In this article, you will find a list of the best TV shows that can be very useful lessons as you will be picking up some great skills and new knowledge.

1. Shark Tank

It is one of the most popular shows right now about entrepreneurs. Shark Tank is about entrepreneurs who pitch their ideas to a panel of experts who then choose whether they want to invest or not. The panel expects these entrepreneurs to pitch in a strong idea, understand margins, production costs and about their audience to whom they want to sell their products. It is a must watch for every business student out there.

2. Inside Bill’s Brain

This Netflix original documentary focuses on the former Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates who is also one of the richest men on the planet. Every episode is almost an hour long and tells a different story of Bill’s life. Watching this show can help you in many ways as you will see the way, how Bill thinks and use that method for yourself. You can find various ideas and techniques which you can utilize later.

3. Planet of the Apps

Planet of the Apps is Apple’s first original television show. Each episode consists of different software makers who have about one minute to present their ideas to the hosts. This show offers some challenging content and shows what inventors are prepared to do to earn a spot among the elite. If the hosts on the panels like any of the ideas, then that lucky entrepreneur will get a few investors who would invest in their products and bring it to life.

4. Ballers

This show is amazing. The show presents many downfalls entrepreneurs have while running a business, be it any business. The main message of the show is that no matter what business you are in, perseverance and overcoming adversity will show what you are made of so never give up.

5. Empire

Empire is one of the best-known business TV shows. This show is about how competitions for companies control and greed can influence the lives of entrepreneurs. This TV show offers plenty of scenes, ideas and solutions concerning difficult choices and what comes after they are made. Quite an interesting show.

6. Start Up

This business show is a great teacher when it comes to working with diverse groups. It shows that as an entrepreneur, you can always choose your business network or employees but sometimes you don’t have that liberty. So, becoming flexible is the key to your long-lasting success. This show teaches you all about the principle of flexibility.