Public schools in Lahore face a shortage of textbooks

The public sector schools in Lahore are facing a shortage of textbooks as in the latest development Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) has halted the provision of textbooks to 100 schools of the provincial capital.

According to sources at PCTB, there is a severe shortage of textbooks in the provincial capital just ahead of the new session and, likely, students may not be able to get free books from PCTB in the first few months of a new session.
As per the details, PCTB set up warehouses in 5 Tehsils of the city to distribute the textbooks before the new session. All the textbooks in these warehouses have been distributed but still, there are 100 schools left without books.

20 schools of City Tehsils, 15 of Cantt Tehsil, 10 of Raiwind, 20 of Model Town and 17 of Shalimar Tehsil are still waiting for textbooks.

On the other hand, the School Education Department (SED) has given a deadline to all District Education Authorities to provide textbooks to all schools before July 8.

President Punjab Teachers Union Kashif Shehzad has said that this year it is possible that 250,000 students will not be able to get free textbooks which were provided by the government every year. He said that this is sheer negligence on the part of PCTB and SED that they have been failed to manage the required amount of books before the new session will start.

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