PMC introduces huge change to the NLE policy

Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) announced on Monday the change in the National Licensing Exam (NLE) Policy in terms of the attempts allowed. The graduates will be allowed to make as many attempts as they want within a period of five years according to the new decision.

Previously, the MBBS graduates were allowed to give only three attempts of NLE in order to get a practicing license. The spokesperson of the PMC explained that from now onwards, one can take the exam during the five-year period without any limit to the number of attempts. He spoke on behalf of the Medical and Dental Council (PMC) and said that it has taken the decision to change the NLE policy. Now the policy is that the qualification to get a license of practicing is to clear the National Licensing exam (Step 1 and Step 2) within a period of a maximum of five years. The period will be applicable from the date of the first attempt or right after the completion of the house job, whichever is earlier according to the notice given by PMC.

The notice also explains that the people who already hold a foreign practitioners license are not bound to these limitations. The spokesperson talked about the services of PMC and its commitment to the right cause in Pakistan. He said that having a focus on enhancing the quality of medical and dental education in Pakistan, PMC is working hard to improve the healthcare system of the country. He further said the healthcare regulator is working to set high standards of practice throughout the globe to ensure that every citizen of this nation receives quality healthcare.

Moreover, he said that PMC is putting all its efforts into promoting the system where practitioners hold high values of commitment, compassion, and excellence in the service. PMC works with passion and commitment to make and implement the policies that are in the greater interest of the nation and the students, the spokesperson explained.

By Ayesha Areej

Ayesha Areej is a staff writer at The Academia Magazine

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