Know The Top Universities For Arts & Humanities? These Are The Ones

Although science and technology have won over other fields of knowledge in the last few centuries, arts and humanities nonetheless attract a large number of students across the world each year. After all, the human appeal for literature, art, beauty, thinking and questioning, and for change and reformation within society is something essential and everlasting. So if you are interested in pursuing studies in the field, read on to find out which are the top universities for arts & humanities as ranked by the QS World University Subject Rankings for 2018.

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford, one of the oldest universities in the United Kingdom, has been nominated as the best varsity for arts and humanities in QS Subject Ranking 2018. The university is the 6th best in the world overall and the 8th best in terms of graduates’ employability. Various rating charts together, such as citations per paper, academic reputation and international students and faculty make the university one of the best and renowned institutions in the entire world. Apart from English language and literature, the university is deemed best in geography, anatomy and physiology, and archaeology. With total 19,720 students and academic faculty of 6,750, the university has earned a prominent position in various other departments as social sciences, development studies, and law & legal studies. The University of Oxford has come to be known as an emblem of excellence as its graduates include 29 Nobel laureates, 27 ministers of the United Kingdom and several heads of governments across the world. In addition, 69 Nobel Prize winners have either studied or worked at the University of Oxford over the last 100 years.

Harvard University

One of the oldest higher education institutions in the US, Harvard University was at the second place in the QS ranking of universities that offered the best studies in arts and humanities.

Besides it was also declared the third best university in the world by QS in its overall 2018 ranking. Harvard was established in 1636 and named after clergy Joh Harvard. Harvard is a highly residential research university, which also operates several scientific and culture museums and arts centres alongside Harvard Library, which is the largest academic library system in the world. Among subject-specific QS rankings, it stands first for life sciences & medicine and social sciences & management. The university has performed well in natural sciences and arts & humanities as it remains in the top three in the above-mentioned categories. In the ranking criteria, the varsity scores some of the highest percentages for citations per faculty, employer reputation, faculty reputation, and academic reputation.

University of Cambridge

The third best university in the list for studies related to arts is Cambridge. Established in 1209, the University of Cambridge is one of the oldest universities in the United Kingdom and has never been far away from excellence during the course of its existence.

It was ranked the fourth best university in the entire world and fifth in graduate employability rankings. In course categories, the university stands second best for studies of arts and humanities along with Harvard. The University of Cambridge owes its excellent ranking to best performance in specialist criteria, teaching, research, and innovation. The university has some renowned alumni to accredit its excellence, such as Sir Issac Newton, Ian McKellen, Stephen Hawking, Emma Thompson, and Arianna Huffington. Apart from arts and humanities, the University of Cambridge exhibits competition for the top three positions in subject areas of geography, modern languages, mechanical engineering, natural sciences, and history etc.

University of California, Berkley

Widely known as ‘Cal’, The University of California, Berkley is one of the world’s leading academic institution that is famous for its size and expense, laboratories and libraries, publications and research, and reputed teaching faculty. The university is ranked fourth-best for arts and humanities and falls in the top five for English literature, architecture, history, and archaeology. Its association with famous national laboratories, such as Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory make it one of the best places for laboratory research. Within the US, the graduate and undergraduate programs of Cal are considered best. The university prides itself on 99 Nobel laureates, 9 Wolf Prizes, 13 Fields Medals, 23 Turing Awards, 45 MacArthur Fellowships, 20 Academy Awards, 14 Pulitzer Prizes and 207 Olympic medals. Although the majority of its students are Californians, more than 100 foreign countries are represented on campus by international students.

Stanford University

Stanford University is ranked the second-best in the overall category of the latest QS rankings of top universities around the globe. Apart from that, the university is ranked among the top five universities for various fields, such as arts and humanities, life sciences and medicine, social sciences and management, engineering and technology, and natural sciences. Located in Silicon Valley California between the green hills of San Jose and the heights of San Francisco, the university has offered the world some of the best leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs, and influencers of the last few decades, such as Elon Musk, Sergei Brin, Peter Thiel, John Kennedy and Larry Page. The university is established around three traditional schools, which comprise of 40 academic departments and four academic schools offering graduate programs in Business, Law, Educating, and Medicine. Until this day, 67 Nobel laureates, seven Field Medalists, 30 living billionaires, 17 astronauts, and 20 Turing Laureates have been associated with Stanford University as alumni, students, or faculty staff.

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