Fun Psychological facts about human behavior every student must know

Psychology is quite an interesting subject and a career field that is easily among the most fascinating. In this article, we have listed some amazing yet mind-blowing psychological facts about human behavior. Read on!

1. Publicly announcing your goals makes you less likely to succeed

Yes, this happens very often when you publicly announce your goals, the chances are high that you won’t be able to succeed or fulfill the goals. In fact, in a TED talk with over 3 million viewers, Derek Silvers presented research stretching as far back as the 1920s to show how and why people who talk about their ambitions and goals are less likely to achieve them.

2. Sarcasm is a sign for an active healthy brain

Many studies have revealed that people who use sarcasm in response to questions have healthier active minds. Even the individuals who understand cynicism are good at reading the minds of other people quite well.

3. Food prepared by someone else tastes much better than your own preparation

A recent study showed that cooking a meal requires you to stand around for a long period of time and it feels less appealing when you are about to eat it. Thus, your satisfaction decreases subsequently, therefore, the food prepared by someone else tastes much better than your own preparation, even if you use the same recipes.

4. You reconstruct your memories

People tend to experience their memories of events like movie clips which often play back in their minds. Because of this, people think that memories are stored in entirety and never change but this is not what happens. Our memories are reconstructed every time we think of them.

5. A single negative thing could damage at least five positive memories

Our brains remember bad over good which has an effect of a thing known as negativity bias. For example, it is also a reason why a person would keep dwelling on how their boss insulted their outfit despite hearing a compliment from their co-worker. Hence, in order to have balance, a 5:1 ratio of positive to negative is a must.

6. The way you dress has a connection with your mood

Dressing has a connection with our mood. Dressing well helps us keep happy and stable. It is not only about the colors which we choose to wear but the overall which matters the most.

7. Returning a favor is in our nature

Well, good manners could not take credit over the rule of reciprocation. Our brain commands this program to us to help someone who helped you.

8. Catching a yawn may help us bond

Have you noticed that you also tend to yawn when somebody else does it, even though you are not tired! Have you ever wondered why? Well, many theories have proven as to why yawning is contagious but one of the leading theories is that it shows empathy.

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