Dr Nizam to lead think tank for Higher Education Reforms

A think tank for Higher Education Reforms (HER) has been set up in Lahore under the leadership of former Chairperson Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC), Prof Dr Mohammad Nizamuddin.

The think tank will focus on the higher education sector in Pakistan and will consist of noted academic experts, writers, analysts, representatives of civil society and youth organizations with a secretariat in Lahore.

The think tank would discuss various challenges faced by the higher education sector in Pakistan and document such discussions to share with policymakers and legislative bodies, Dr. Nizamuddin added. Besides, the think tank would also urge parliamentarians to include and prioritize higher education in their election manifestos and governance policies. He further added.

We will also help higher education institutions to promote civic education and peace building at university campuses, senior political analyst/columnist & Executive Director of Institute for Democratic Education & Advocacy (IDEA) Salman Abid shared his opinion.

Former Director General and member of the forum, Dr Shahid Soroya opined that think tank would also work for transparent and merit-based appointments in higher education sector, including chairpersons of federal and provincial higher education commissions and vice-chancellors.

The initiative would also create collaborative linkages between public and private sector academic institutions to create better opportunities including faculty and students exchange, research collaborations and joint faculty development programs.

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By Arsalan Haider

Arsalan Haider is a reporter at Academia Mag and has worked with leading national dailies and news channels. He tweets @arsalanhaider14

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