UAF Holds China Cultural Corridor

The Confucius Institute – University of Agriculture Faisalabad (CIUAF) arranged one-day Ni Hao China Cultural Corridor in which students presented the arts works including Chinese painting, calligraphy and paper cutting exhibition.

University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Ashraf along with Chinese Dean CIUAF Professor Dr Zhou Chang Ming, Vice Chairman Professor Dr Ashfaq Chattha,  Dr Qamar Bilal and others.

Dr Muhammad Ashraf said that art work gives voice to sensitive and beautified sections of a culture, touchy issues, suffering and happily movements of life.  He said that a picture speaks a thousand words. Ashraf added that one should be very clear about their objectives and goals in the life for the success. He viewed that paintings were of the quality work which showed the volume of understanding of the student about the art. VC said that UAF and Chinese universities were working jointly on the project of heat tolerant cotton and wheat varieties. Muhammad Ashraf said that China is Pakistan’s fair-weather friend as it always stood with us in difficult times. He stressed upon the need to learn from Chinese experiences as a step towards development and prosperity.

Dr Muhammad Ashfaq Chatha said that under the Confucius Institute, UAF, as many as 8,000 students had learned the Chinese language. He said that many students of the UAF were studying Chinese language as elective course. Ashfaq Chatha said that UAF students trained from UAF Confucius Institute were getting scholarship in the China.

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