E Magazine Issue 12 March 2020

Why I love NUST


f all the options I had, I chose to be part of NUST. The university’s effective alumni network, wonderful infrastructure and countless avenues for personality grooming were always a major attraction for me. Some of the features that I love about NUST are its central library, excellently –equipped labs and relaxing cafeterias.



Faizan Azmat

BS Physics

As a student at NUST, you find a place in a beautiful and peaceful educational environment. The massive campus has a good number of departments, catering to diverse educational disciplines. This diversity promotes interaction between students from various departments and promotes learning even outside the classroom. Cleanliness throughout the campus is another appreciable trait of NUST. Along with the good living and studying environment, NUST also provides numerous opportunities in co-curricular activities. Sports are a major happening at the university and sports events continue the whole year, offering a great balance of work and play.


Rana Muhammad Saad Ali

Mechanical Engineering

NUST ranks among the top 400 Asian Universities and is a place where the brightest of minds from across the country and around the world converge. It has a unique academic and social environment that not only turns students into sought after professionals, but also turns them into responsible citizens. 


Iqra Jamal

BS Physics 

I think the reason I have fallen in love with NUST is the sense of freedom and security it gives you. It helps you to grow not only as a professional, but also as an individual. It provides you with the opportunity to widen your skillset, along with becoming a confident and independent individual. NUST had made me a better version of myself. I am and will ever be thankful to it for this! 

Noor ul Huda

BS Physics 


At NUST, I learnt many lessons. Walking from one school to another for a single class taught me persistence. Coming late for classes and being marked absent taught me time management. On the professional side, working with seniors and industry professionals in TIC, I learn the art of networking and communication. What I love most about NUST is its adaptation towards new technologies and innovation. Building the first-of-its-kind National Science and Technology Park in Pakistan, NUST not only invites the best talent from all over Pakistan to set their startups and SMEs at NSTP, it also makes it easy for students to get hands on experience in these tech startups by providing several part/full time opportunities to them


Abdul Haseeb Khan

BS Accounting & Finance

NUST is an institute that almost all Pakistani students aspire to get into. It is an experience that led me to a wonderful world of friendships, lessons, learning and much more. I feel extremely fortunate that I got a great opportunity for learn through my interaction with people from differing backgrounds and excellent academics credentials, besides becoming an overall better individual through my experiences at NUST.


Hamza Ghafoor

BS Physics 

I love NUST because of what it has made me. I have grown as a person and a student ever since I becam a part of this great institute. Each day is full of rich experiences that aid learning. I also love the people I have met at NUST, making some lifelong friends that I can count on every day, any day. 


Fizzah Waris

MS Psychology

I can truly relate with harry potter at this point, especially when he says, “Hogwarts is my home.” I never thought I’d be saying this, but the word that defines NUST for me is definitely “home”. It’s a place that helps you grow as person as well as a professional. Just like you love home but at times feel like stepping out of it, life at NUST has been likewise. Once you are there, you have all these rules, studies and competitions that you really want to run away from. But as soon as you step away from that home, you long to return. That is exactly what the case with NUST has been. What makes NUST special is the comfort you feel get when you return to the campus after a long day at your internship. The warmth of familiar people always lifts your spirits. It has been, and is, a place where you can be yourself, make mistakes and find comfort in the fact that you can always try again. This is what makes NUST so special.