E Magazine Issue 09 December 2019



A large number of youngsters are inclined towards smoking because of the media portrayal of it as a stress buster or simply a ‘cool’ habit. In reality, it is nothing but slow poisoning yourself to a painful death.

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igh school or college is the place from where students start making lifelong decisions on their own. But it is a dangerous phase at the same time, for it is also here that youngsters adopt healthy habits or start making some bad choices. Among that many bad habits that students can develop while coping with the transition from high school to university is smoking. Recent survey done by WHO shows that almost 80% adult smokers developed the bad habit while they were in college. Since 1980 health organizations, governments, and non-profits are battling to lower the effect of this social evil and plenty of studies have been done to identify the potential risk factors. A study done by Standaz reveals that each day about 3,200 children and teens under 18 years old smoke their first cigarette. Another alarming thing that is making the situation even worsen is that most of these students who start it believe that smoking isn’t bad for them or will not harm them in the near future.