The Lighthouse, Beaconhouse launches home for orphans

The Lighthouse, a non-profit organization formed under the Beaconhouse Group, has recently been launched to provide a loving home for orphans to nurture them into empowered and confident individuals. This project was initiated by Amina Wattoo Kasuri, Founder and Executive Director at The Lighthouse, and Project Director at Concordia Colleges in Pakistan.

Located near the Srinagar Highway in Islamabad, The Lighthouse is a boarding and education facility for orphaned and less privileged children to provide them with a home that will ensure that they receive a quality education, necessary life skills, and other emotional and developmental support without discrimination.

As stated by Amina Wattoo Kasuri, Founder of The Lighthouse, “We have over the years worked tirelessly towards the development and uplifting of deserving members of our society. The Lighthouse is an extension of our efforts and has been a dream for many years. Our vision is to invest in children’s lives today in order to transform their futures. At the same time, we work to create a safe and stimulating environment where they receive adequate nutrition and are healthy, and are given ample support for their education.”

“Positive changes inevitably take time, but we are committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged children for the long haul. As our name suggests, we aim to be the guiding light that safely leads children towards a secure future,” she expressed.

The orphanage provides free lodging to children, as well as free education at The Educators, a chain of schools by Beaconhouse. The resident children at The Lighthouse will also be given necessary medical services and treatments, transportation facilities to educational and recreational institutions, nutritious meals, financial support to facilitate their marriages once they are of appropriate age, and support and guidance from trained and dedicated staff.

The Lighthouse is a project established under the Mahmud Ali Kasuri (MAK) Welfare Trust, an independent non-profit organization working towards uplifting the less privileged sector of society. The Trust and its key donors, Beaconhouse, the Kasuri family, and Beaconhouse employees, have consistently responded with meaningful contributions during national crises, including the 2005 earthquake that devastated the northern areas of Pakistan, the IDP crisis of 2009, the massive flooding of 2010 and 2014 and the Covid-19 turmoil engulfing the country in 2020.

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BNU Holds 12th Convocation

The 12th Convocation of Beaconhouse National University (BNU) was held on Saturday. Minister for Higher Education Department (HED), Punjab Raja Yasir Humayoun Sarfaraz was the guest of honor.

Beaconhouse National University is Pakistan’s first not-for-profit Liberal Arts University, founded in 2003 to provide tertiary education in the arts, design, architecture, media, humanities and social sciences, business and information technology. BNU was awarded the degree awarding charter by the Government of Punjab in 2005.

Vice Chancellor BNU Professor Shahid Hafiz Kardar presided over the ceremony while members of the board of governors were also present on the occasion. A total of 429 graduates were awarded degrees of which 295 were conferred Bachelor’s and 134 Masters’ degrees.

These include 90 from Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD), 57 from Razia Hassan School of Architecture (SA), 22 from Seeta Majeed School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (SLASS), 103 from the School of Media and Mass Communication (SMC), 95 from the School of Computer and IT (SCIT), 33 from the Institute of Psychology (IP) and 29 from the School of Education (SE).

At the 12th Convocation of BNU, a total of 17 gold medals were awarded of which 13 recipients were girls. The Arfa Karim gold medal was awarded to Asim Irshad Ali Shah of the BS (Hons) in Software Engineering program.

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