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Scope of Journalism in Pakistan

The field of journalism is a wide field in Pakistan. The world is rapidly moving towards a more digital space, and in this modern digital world, we need quality journalists as well as writers. The scope of journalism in Pakistan is vital and very much high in demand. Every year, dozens of students opt for journalism as their career choice in Pakistan. Journalism in Pakistan is a great career choice because the scope of journalism in Pakistan is quite high and on-trend. Having a degree in journalism opens a gateway to numerous job opportunities and a rewarding yet secure and bright career. Journalism is probably one of the best and most respectable fields in Pakistan and therefore, there are many universities in Pakistan that offer journalism to students. Having quality journalists in the country can surely drive digital media to produce quality content. Are you interested in journalism but don’t know if there is any scope for journalism in Pakistan? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. You have landed on the right page because in this article we have discussed everything about the scope of journalism in Pakistan. So, read on to find out more details about the scope of journalism in Pakistan.

What is Journalism?

Journalism is storytelling but with a purpose. Journalism is known as the production and distribution of facts, ideas, and events, as well as the people that might be the “news of the day” and that informs society to at least some degree. Journalism is the collection, preparation, and distribution of news. It features materials through print and electronic media such as magazines, newspapers, blogs, podcasts, webcasts, books, social media sites, radio, emails, motion pictures, or social networking. There are five types of journalisms which include investigative, news, reviews, feature writings, and columns.

What are the core values of Journalism?

There are five major core values of journalism.

⁃ Humanity
⁃ Independence
⁃ Truth and accuracy
⁃ Fairness and impartiality
⁃ Accountability

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What is the Scope of Journalism in Pakistan?

The field of journalism is quite vast in Pakistan. A person holding a degree in journalism surely has a secure yet bright future in Pakistan. Private and public sectors both require journalists and there are many media houses that hire skilled journalists from time to time that too with the highest paying salaries. There is a high demand for journalists in Pakistan and it surely is an ideal career for those who love writing, has excellent communication skills, and are generally interested in journalism. Having a degree in journalism opens tons of job opportunities in Pakistan that too with the highest salaries. Hence, the scope of journalism is quite high in Pakistan.

Jobs for Journalists

Having a degree in journalism opens a gateway to tons of job opportunities, be it being a reporter in a public sector channel or a writer in a private channel, or even starting up your own channel on the platform of YouTube. There are many jobs available in the field of journalism which include:

⁃ Digital media specialist
⁃ Public relations officer
⁃ Advertising executive
⁃ Lecturer
⁃ Journalist
⁃ Reporter
⁃ Writer
⁃ Entertainment journalist
⁃ Crime reporter
⁃ News anchor
⁃ Entertainment reporter
⁃ And much more

Salary of Journalists?

While the salary depends on the skills, specialization, and work experience of an individual, it also depends on where the person works. The salary also depends on which city a person is working as the salaries may vary from 55,000 per month – 75,000 per month. However, the salary may even increase with your work experience, levels of your skills as well as the quality of your communication. There are many senior journalists in Pakistan that earn 150,000 per month – 300,000 per month or maybe even more.

Best Universities for Journalism

There are a few universities that offer journalism in Pakistan. Some of them are:

  1. Information Technology University
  2. Islamia University of Bahawalpur
  4. UMT
  5. Bahria University
  6. BNU
  7. University of the Punjab
  8. LCWU
  9. UCP
  10. Superior University
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