Nation lacks tolerance, observes KU VC Dr Khalid Iraqi

This is so unfortunate that everyone in the country believes that they are an expert in every field of life and they always express their opinion but never accept others’ points of view and do not try to understand their beliefs, observes KU VC Dr Khalid Iraqi.

In such a scenario, society is witnessing more conflicts and the masses cannot resolve their problems. We should also have the capacity to listen to others’ opinions as well. We may differ from their viewpoint but must pay respect to them. We should not impose our judgments on others to avoid further division in society.

These views were expressed by the Vice Chancellor University of Karachi (KU) Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi on Friday. He was addressing the book launching ceremony held at the Jinnah Auditorium of Dr A. Q. Khan Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (KIBGE). The KU has arranged a special ceremony to launch Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan book’s “Iman aur Bandagi”.

While congratulating the author, the KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi said that he believes that this book would be helpful for many people including youngsters and students. “If we want to see positive and progressive changes in society then we have to practically follow and implement the Holy Book Quran and the preaching of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).”

The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi observed that our tragedy is that we have forgotten the Holy Quran, although we read the Quran but we do not get guidance from it, and that is why we have failed in solving our issues.

Meanwhile, wellness expert and psychologist Dr Muhammad Imran Yousuf expressed that good mental health is necessary for a better society and if a person has good mental health, then it means that the person would take part in the development of a society. He mentioned that our religion has provided us with complete guidelines, and we should completely adopt the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

“We cannot be saved until we put the decisions of the Holy Prophet before our own decisions and all action must be done from the heart.” Dr Imran hoped that people, especially students, would benefit from Senator Abdul Haseeb’s book.

On the other hand, the author of the book, Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan said that as a society we are suffering from extreme depression, we lie for everything, we used to cheat everyone, and corruption and bribery are common in society and unfortunately, we are collectively following evil’s footsteps.

He mentioned that every citizen is disturbed by the poor economic conditions of the country but our politicians and members of parliaments are busy fighting with each other and blaming their political rivals for the country’s current situation rather than making policies to get rid of the situation.

He narrated that we have not learned from our religion and unfortunately our masjids rather than spreading the teaching of Islam are busy in promoting sects which is very dangerous for our future.

The Dean Faculty of Islamic Studies Professor Dr Zahid Ali Zahidi shared that it is very important that we all understand the Holy Quran and it is only possible if we read it carefully with its meaning and tafsirs. He said that we do not take time out to understand what is written in the Holy Quran and we lack thinking in general which is why we have been unable to get benefits from the Holy Book Quran.

The renowned anchor Aneeq Ahmed, while shedding light on different aspects of Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan’s book urged people to have complete faith that the Holy Quran has a solution to their every problem but they need to read, understand and learn it.

Earlier, the Director General KIBGE Professor Dr Abid Azhar said that this is Abdul Haseeb Khan’s second book as he wants to play his role in uniting the countrymen by spreading the message of Almighty Allah and His last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

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By Arshad Yousafzai

Arshad Yousafzai is a Karachi-based journalist covering Education and Human Rights. He can be reached on Twitter @Arshadyousafzay

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