China sets 7 years imprisonment for cheating in Gaokao

Getting to a university in China is not easy. When it comes to a high-ranked university, taking admission is really difficult there. There is an entrance exam that you have to take in order to be eligible to apply for admission. The test in China is called Gaokao and is never easy. Students prepare for it like mads, some lock themselves in rooms and study for the whole day taking just the sleeping breaks for not more than eight hours. Where China is famous for authoritative laws and strict rulings, students are no exception there. In China, they can be jailed for seven years if they are caught cheating in their Gaokao exam.

The university you get into is very much related to your future career prospects. If you got high marks in the exams, you will get to a good institute which will lead to a good job after graduation. Every year, a lot of students don’t get admission to the university of their choice and are disappointed by the results despite working very hard. With a fear of getting failed and not making it to university, many of them cheat in different ways. Everyone wants to see a bright future and they secure it by trying to perform well in exams.

But the government is not focusing on the issues of unemployment or the limited number of seats for students. Instead, they are making the situation even stricter for the students. It was not like this before. Previously, a student could be suspended from school. But now, there are seven years of imprisonment if you are caught cheating even once.

It is true that cheating in exams makes the overall system less fair and many other students are deprived of their rights through this. But is introducing such harsh punishments justified? What is your point about it?

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By Ayesha Areej

Ayesha Areej is a staff writer at The Academia Magazine

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