China-Pakistan Student Exchange, Joint Research Projects Need of the Hour

Two of the top scholarly minds in Pakistan and China agree that the two countries must promote faculty and student exchange programs as well as joint research projects to learn from each other’s experiences. The idea was stressed upon in a meeting between China Association of Higher Education (CAHE) President Du Yubo and Higher Education Commission (HEC) Chairman Dr Mukhtar Ahmed.

Highlighting HEC’s contributions, Dr Mukhtar said HEC has played a key role in promoting higher education and a research culture in Pakistan. He said HEC came into being in 2002 when the country had only 50 universities, but the commission’s efforts had led to many successes and the number of top quality universities in Pakistan currently stood at 188. Dr Mukhtar added that the number of research papers published by Pakistani scholars had swelled to over 12,000.

The HEC chairman said students and faculty exchange programs and the resultant people-to-people contact would strengthen bonds of friendship between Pakistan and China, besides possibly leading to key researches and innovations.

His Chinese counterpart Du Yubo lauded the chairperson’s and HEC’s efforts for the health of the country’s higher education system. He seconded the idea of student and faculty exchange as well as joint research programs.

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