Chairperson TEVTA approves 15% increase in salaries

The Chairperson of Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) Mamoon Jaffar Tarrar has notified the 15 percent increase in salaries of TEVTA employees on Tuesday.

The PayScale 2022 for TEVTA employees has been approved. The increase was applied from the salaries for July, besides the Ad-hoc allowances of the last five years have also been merged into the basic salaries.

Chairperson TEVTA Mamoon Jaffar said that the welfare of TEVTA employees is his priority and he will continue focusing on it.

The chairperson said that employees are an asset of TEVTA and he will use every forum to resolve their issues. He also directs them to work hard as no interruption in the teaching process will be tolerated.

“I expect that employees will give full support for the mission of promotion of technical education, as I will not compromise on the quality training of students”, he added. Mamoon Jaffar Tarrar said that modern and upgraded training helps students in getting job opportunities, and their quality education will be provided as per market demand.

He said that he is talking about personal interest in issues of employees and will do everything possible for their welfare. He believed that basic issues of employees and especially teachers should be resolved immediately and on a priority basis. He thinks that without resolving issues of teachers we cannot achieve targets of quality in technical education.

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By Arsalan Haider

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