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Best Medical Fields for Females in Pakistan

Girls play a fundamental role in our society. Girls are the main assets of Pakistan, and they can play a very important role in the field of medicine. Empowering women will empower our beloved country. The medical sector is the most demanding sector in Pakistan and there are tons of opportunities available in Pakistan. The scope of medicine in Pakistan is quite high. With each passing day, Pakistan females excel in the medical field regardless of our society and cultural barriers. Choosing the right field may be a daunting task because everyone wants the best in life and a bright yet secure future. But the medical field has always been of the top choices in Pakistan. Everyone wants to make the perfect choice to secure their career because a good choice of the field will certainly lead you towards the road to success. Are you looking for the best medical fields for females in Pakistan? Well, don’t worry. We have got your back. You have landed on the right page because in this article we have discussed everything about the best medical fields for females in Pakistan. So, read on to find out more details about your desired medical field in Pakistan.

Pharm D

Pharm D is one of the best medical fields for females in Pakistan. It has a great variety as well as numerous job opportunities, and growth. The field of medicine is constantly evolving these days, and so is the need for skilled pharmacists. This is an ideal field for all females in Pakistan. Pharm D also offers the title of a doctor as well as various other benefits at a professional level. Certainly, a great choice.


With people being so conscious about their skin and hair problems nowadays, the need for dermatologists has seen to be increasing in the past few years. The scope and demand for dermatology in Pakistan have increased a lot and it is trending, it will continue to do so. There are also many job opportunities for dermatologists in Pakistan and it is one of the best medical fields for females in Pakistan.


Every year dozens of students get enrolled in the BDS program. The demand for female dentists is rising as many females in Pakistan are usually uncomfortable with male dentists. Hence, dentistry is one of the best medical fields for females in Pakistan. Besides, dentistry has always been in demand, has a high scope and the pay scale is quite amazing.


Being a gynaecologist is the most demanded medical field for females in Pakistan. There are many females which prefer to visit female gynaecologists for their hormonal problems, pregnancy complications, menstruation irregularities, post-menopausal complaints, etc. In Pakistan, there are many females that are hesitant in talking about their feminine issues. Thus, the gynaecologist is one of the best medical fields for females in Pakistan.


A paediatrician is a medical doctor who is trained to diagnose and treat diseases in children from minor to serious problems. Paediatrician is always in high demand and has a good scope along with great pay scales. Moreover, there are many studies which found that females are good paediatricians as they fully understand the behavioural changes and physical nature of children as compared to male doctors. Hence, a paediatrician is one of the best medical fields for females in Pakistan.

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Psychology is the best career that females can pursue. There are many career opportunities for women in this field, and the jobs have significantly increased over the last few years. The population in Pakistan faces alarming mental illnesses and so is the need for good psychologists. The future of psychology is extremely bright in Pakistan, so becoming a psychologist is truly one of the best medical fields for females in Pakistan.


Nursing is a great profession for females as it is one of the noble professions in our healthcare systems. Nursing is one of the most demanding yet competitive fields in the medical industry. In fact, the scope of nursing in Pakistan has been increasing a lot in the past few years and it is certainly one of the best medical fields for females in Pakistan.

Medical Doctor

MBBS is one of the top and most demanding fields in Pakistan. It has always been on the top and is always trending. However, becoming a doctor is no piece of the cake as it requires a lot of hard work and years of tireless effort. Becoming a doctor is one of the top career choices for females in Pakistan. It is certainly the best medical field and career choice.

Nutritionist/ Dietician

With people being so health conscious these days, the scope and careers in nutrition and dietetics are increasing a lot. There are a lot of job opportunities available for dieticians and nutritionists in Pakistan. Many healthcare industries, private or government clinics hire experienced nutritionists.


Physiotherapists help individuals come back to normal after injuries and medical problems. Physiotherapy is one of the best career options for women and it is one of the top medical fields for females in Pakistan. In fact, the scope of physiotherapy has been seen to be increasing at an alarming rate. Hence, it makes the perfect and best medical field for females in Pakistan.

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