UK’s King’s House School; To Open A Branch In Pakistan

King’s House School and Nursery, UK has recently announced its decision to open an overseas branch in Pakistan. The Independent school will be based in the diplomatic quarter of Islamabad, and the classes will begin in September 2020.

The preparatory plans to start by teaching some 60-70 pupils aged 4-5. Moreover, the school authorities intend to open branches in other locations such as Morocco, Ghana and China.

However, King’s House is not the first British school to open branches overseas. It seems that British institutions, particularly boarding schools are increasingly aiming to invest in Asian markets their expert education models and schools. The trend is a becoming a great alternative revenue generation practice for the UK’s schools.

China, in particular, is becoming a fertile ground for British Boarding Schools growth. British Boarding model is well-liked in amongst the wealthy Chinese. The red bricked affiliated schools, are run in the same manner as state-regulated Chinese schools and the local curriculum is incorporated in to the British model. These schools can easily charge upwards of $25000 annually in fee.

In the same vain, King’s school hope to increase revenue by operating branches overseas, which they believe will not only prove profitable for the school, but also UK’s economy.

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