APUBTA condemns HEC for breaking the agreement

The core committee All Pakistan Universities BPS Teachers Association (APUBTA) expressed its great concern over breaking the agreement of HEC officials for processing the BPS statutes by the mid of May.

The agreement was signed in the presence of Commissioner Islamabad and was notified on 12th March this year to postpone the call of the countrywide strike of university teachers in front of HEC.

The delaying and ignored tactics shall indeed ruin the peaceful struggle for achieving legitimate goals. The BPS teachers can no longer wait for their equal rights of promotion that are gifted to all other employees of HEC and university employees including the TTS teachers.

These discriminatory activities of HEC and the commission are no longer tolerable and indeed shall motivate the BPS teachers to completely close the doors of HEC or the universities. HEC shall be made responsible for such unwanted actions of APUBTA and teachers countrywide, 80% of all the rest employees in universities.

If the basic right of promotion is granted in the HEC Ordinance and ESTACODE then why it is not permissible for BPS teachers only, is a very basic question on the HEC. The silent behavior and delaying tactics are no more but an invitation for a strike and boycott of classes.

APUBTA on the strong request of the teachers’ community again thinking of a sit-in in front of HEC or a complete classes boycott that shall be continued until the legitimate and fundamental right is granted and the discriminatory activities regarding seniority issues are resolved. The HEC officials, the commissioner of ICT Islamabad, and the government are requested to resolve the issues of BPS teachers before APUBTA calls for a strike.

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