Best books for CSS exam

Most of the Central Superior Service (CSS) exam candidates ask which books they should read from CSS syllabus when preparing for CSS. Here is the list of the top 5 books everyone preparing for the CSS exam must read.

1. Why Nations Fail?

This book is written by two economists, James Robinson and Daron Acemoglu. The book focuses on three major elements power, poverty and prosperity. The book highlights the reasons for conflicts between North and South. The authors have penned down the reasons why the third-world countries fail and have compared them with the first-world countries. This book is a must-read for CSS candidates.

2. High School Grammar by Wren and Martin

When preparing for CSS exams, one needs to be excellent in English writing as well as speaking. English grammar is the key tool for the preparation for CSS exams. This book is a must have for all those candidates out there so go and grab the High School Grammar book and start improving your English speaking and writing skills.

3. Pakistan: Beyond the ‘Crisis State’

This book is basically a compilation of various articles written by some of the top writers of Pakistan. The book includes a series of essays on some major issues of the country as it highlights perspectives that even though Pakistan is considered as a failing state, but it does have the potential to solve all the problems and become an emerging nation. This book is recommended for current affairs.

4. Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan

The book is written by the law expert, Hamid Khan, where he has penned down the constitutional crisis of Pakistan. CSS candidates should have knowledge regarding the history of Indo-Pak subcontinent; hence, this book should be on top of your list in preparing for your exams as it has all the relevant information. Learning constitutional crisis is very important, more than the political issues, however this book highlights both areas. Candidates are advised to read this book thoroughly.

5. Governing the Ungovernable

The book is written by Dr Ishrat Hussain, the former Governor of State Bank of Pakistan. The book mainly explores the core areas of Judiciary, Politics, Civil Services and Economics. All of these are part of current Pakistan affairs. Governing the Ungovernable should be on top of your list as this is what the CSS exam focuses on the most, therefore, this is a must-read book for all candidates.