Ten Educational Startups of Pakistan

With the passage of time, the EdTech market (educational startups) has been seen growing rapidly in Pakistan. As the population is growing so are the means of technology. Not only is it innovative in many terms but this is also reshaping the whole education landscape in Pakistan. EdTech education plays a vital role as it helps in providing more valuable insights into studies and allows the students to experience the learning methods in a different way which makes it way more interesting; it engages the students which makes them want to learn more.

As the industry continues to be more innovative, this is the very reason that many people have tested their ideas and come up with many good opportunities for students of all ages be it related to educational knowledge or professional. These EdTech companies are offering a wide range of interactive tools and software which many schools use on an everyday basis to help their students learn more about technology. EdTech is a field that is not going anywhere in the next few years. Instead, it will continue to grow more advanced. This field holds an exceptional future for Pakistan, we have listed ten best Educational Startups of Pakistan.


Founded in 2016 by Ammar Ali Ayub, Shahrukh Swati and Umair Latif before the pandemic hit the world. Near peer aims to make education affordable and accessible throughout Pakistan using technology mediums. Their belief is that everyone has a right to and has an equal opportunity to grow and learn regardless of their locations or paying capacity.

This is Ed-tech platforms provides high quality education to people on a low price through technology across Pakistan from the best instructors. Near peer has been seen expanding their business globally within the first few years of their journey with the vision of improving educational system of Pakistan. Students can have access to customized and engaging videos of lectures, practical material, quizzes, assignments for their understanding and better learning. Near peer also offers preparation program for CSS, MCAT, CA and many others. It has also expanded into other education sectors, for example high school/intermediate and skilled based courses. The company plans to expand their business in Middle Eastern countries with the similar interests in the coming years.

2. Teddict

Founded in 2015 by three siblings between the ages of 14, 16 & 18 in Karachi. Teddict is a platform focused on designing learning environments, the main aim is to educate young people outside the schools learning system by using different set ups. The founders of this startup were homeschooled which helped them finding their strengths and explore stuff by doing things on their own and now they inspire other children to do the same with the help of Teddict.

Teddict basically stands for Technology Education and Design Addicts. It is an online portal for young students that makes learning much more interesting by keeping it personalized. Currently, they have a few ongoing projects such as Bootcamps which includes Teddict Design Thinking Bootcamp, digital marketing bootcamp. Gamify work IO which is known as a podcast that helps children learn and achieve their goals and how to run efficient eco systems. This platform allows youth to build their profiles by connecting with one another. Teddict helps students to take up the active role as they believe that it enhances the learning process. Connecting with other people online as well as offline not only helps them to learn about new ideas and concepts but also get a recognition for everything that they are contributing to and everyone else’s learning experiences as well. Students practice what they are learning by helping other students with the same interests and these students can also give feedback to others in rather an open space. Teddict also holds seminars at schools which makes the learning among these kids more fun and convenient.


Ilmversity based in Lahore, founded in 2016 helps to provide a One- Stop solution to cover all aspects of an institute; be it education, administrative tasks, learning or academic activities. This mobile app and web are designed to build strong communication between students, parents and teachers. This is all one needs for the education, learning experience and growth of the student.

Ilmversity helps the students to connect with their faculty, not only this but this application also allows the parents to connect with the teachers and remove the gap between them. This ed-tech startup has been successfully deployed in over 180 of schools and colleges in Pakistan that offers academic learning solutions and administrative management for students and instructors bringing a positive change. This is suitable for all age groups, be they students from Montessori or University.

4. Sabaq Foundation

Founded in 2012, by Adnan Asdar and Hassan Bin Rizwan, Sabaq Foundation is a non-profit trust that is registered with the Government of Pakistan, based in Islamabad. Sabaq foundation provides free video lectures and tests on their website that provides access to many students. Moreover, Sabaq foundation is an award-winning Ed-tech company on a mission to make learning much more fun. The lessons are much more enjoyable and engaging for kids.

They have approximately about 3500 tutorial videos up on their website which includes the syllabus of Mathematics, Physics, English, Chemistry for 9th or 10th standards. They provide new videos every week. Their main aim is to provide high quality education learning to every student in Pakistan and has a team with extremely qualified professionals that are working hard to achieve the goal.

5. Edkasa

Edkasa is a privately held online educational application which was founded in 2017 and is based in Lahore. It is Pakistan’s leading ed-startup which helps students prepare for their exams online. Their mission is to help the students achieve striving marks in their Matric and FSc board examinations, all this is possible via their online application.

Edkasa has over 4500 video lectures including 15000+ tests with high qualified instructors. Students can take these online tests to see where they stand before their exams. They offer all courses for matric students as well as on intermediate levels and are covering all boards across Pakistan. This application covers the wide syllabus for the required exams. Moreover, they even offer live question and answer sessions, quizzes and test sessions which are based upon guess papers. Students that are preparing for MCAT or ECAT can also benefit from Edkasa.

6. LearnObots

LearnObots is an education program which is privately held, founded in 2014 and based in Islamabad. It specializes in STEM, robotics, curriculum designs and educational technology. They have been seen collaborating with schools to bring out the style of STEAM learning in Pakistan, the main goal is to help the kids grow into inventors, thinkers and makers rather than the usual batch of typical followers.

They believe that the key to a brighter future is to make kids learn through innovative domains; help them in creating new stuff, come up with solutions to the real-life problems, make exciting stuff o when they grow up, they become good scientists, innovators or engineers. Currently, they are training the kids in the domains of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEM). They have held up to 500 DIY camps, with over 20000 students, carried out around 250 STEM activities. There are very few hobby clubs or activity clubs for children in Pakistan and this is why LearnObots is one if the very few platforms where kids with common interests can come to engage with each other, share innovative ideas and make exciting things together and have diverse knowledge as to how to be problem solver.

7. Techno Birds

Techno Birds is a startup which was founded in 2016 by a bunch of creative guys who shared a mutual interest in information technology and software development. This startup is based in Lahore. It specializes in the IT sector and provides training in computer sciences courses which include app development, web development, custom software solutions, graphic designing, SEO and much more.

This startup enables the students to learn tech skills which helps them grow in the future in their professional careers. Techno Birds gives their students the guidance of how to use these skills to their advantage and how to have access or manage foreign clients by holding seminars and classes. Techno birds provide internship programs for their students to maximize the things they previously learnt in the classes and give them opportunities for jobs. They regularly organize workshops for people of all ages. They have also been known for conducting gaming programming competitions among students. Moreover, they are also known for teaching freelancing services which received a lot of praise from people.

8. Smadent

This educational application was founded in 2019, right when the world was hit by the pandemic; COVID-19. The founder of this application is Kumail Kazmi, based in Gujrat, Northwest- Frontier. Smadent is known to be one of the best educational websites of Pakistan. It is an online educational platform that helps students in their careers by providing them a vast range of free educational resources online. The aim of Smadent is to create internet a safer place for all the students and instructors out there for education purposes and to help them connect globally.

Smadent has been honored with the ‘’Best Modern Educational Curriculum Platform- Pakistan’’ by MEA Markets (UAE BUSINESS AWARDS-2020) for their contribution to the education sector in Pakistan.

9. Muzzy BBC- Pakistan

Muzzy BBC Pakistan is in Karachi. It is one of the best language learning programs for anyone, especially kids. It is originally established by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) which is trusted by parents, librarians and teachers for over 30 years and is now available in Pakistan.

BBC’s Muzzy proves to provide a fun learning experience in various languages for kids. It is a simple and effective program which uses animated series, video stories, games, poems, puzzles, online quizzes, pronunciations and much more to teach children different sets of languages. The languages that are currently being offered are Spanish, Korean, Chinese, English, Italian, German, etc.

10. Mestdy

Mestdy was established in 2017, Lahore. It’s a social educational platform which brings across learners from all over the globe to connect with one another. It helps in building a user’s educational identity that helps them in engaging with the online network. This platform is helping its users have full access to different opportunities available, online insights and vast knowledge. This platform is helping people to upload educational videos online and give reviews. Not only this but it also helps users create and join virtual classes for a better and much more effective learning experience.

The list of educational startups can go on and on as numerous of these startups are doing well in Pakistan. These tech-ed startups have helped to drive a new force in the global economy attracting more students and instructors to the education sector. It has helped to revive the education sector of Pakistan. Hence, these startups are helping to reshape the educational landscape of Pakistan which would turn out to be fruitful for the coming generations.