Ways to make Science fun for kids

Science is increasingly becoming more important and it is highly likely that it will continue so in the future too. Science might be one of the most hands-on subjects at school but making it accessible may not seem easy. Getting kids to engage in science is not always easy, while the practice may sound fun and kids love to try out the experiments, the theoretical side of science would always be tricky. In this article, we have listed a few tips and tricks to make science fun for the kids.

1. Planning fun science outdoor activities

A fun outdoor science activity will not only keep the kids engaged for a few hours but also help them in gaining knowledge about various things. A garden is a great place for kids to learn about biology. You can plan a fun activity like a mini-beast hunt in which the children can search for mini-beasts, collect and observe them with a magnifying glass and then release them into nature again. Similarly, in the springtime, kids can watch tadpoles change to frogs. There are numerous activities which you can plan for your children.

2. Sharing fun science facts

Try sharing some amazing facts about science with your kids. It will not only be fun but interesting too as it will enhance their knowledge and will surely spark some interest in this subject. You can start by telling them that the first computer was invented in 1943 and it was huge at around 18,000 square feet. Or the fact that there are around 30,000 different species of bacteria in the world. By sharing such facts, the kids will be eager to learn more about this subject.

3. Find out how things work

Whether your kids want to be an engineer or not, mostly children are fascinated by how things work. Their little minds are always curious, and they are eager to find out things. Make them learn about famous inventors such as Thomas Edison. Try doing some projects related to their work and show the kids how these inventions work. This will help the children discover and learn about the scientific principles behind everyday technology.

4. Build Heron’s fountain

This modern adaptation of the Alexandrian fountain from the first century is surely a great way to introduce kids to air and pneumatic pressure. In this experiment, the kids will see how water and air pressure are moved through a series of tubes and which of them draw water down from the top, through the bottom and lastly up to the top again. Sounds interesting!

5. Encouraging questions

Children need to be allowed to explore and investigate things on their own as a part of their learning. Parents and teachers should encourage kids to take notice of their surroundings and ask questions. Let the kids do activities that would open their minds by observing changes around them which would extend their knowledge through their own curiosity. Allow them to ask different questions and if you don’t know the answer then find it out together.

6. Play with their food

Food is an excellent tool for making your children learn about science. There are several fun science experiments in which you can explore everything from kitchen chemistry. These are not only easy to set up but also perfect for a classroom or from the comfort of your home. You can get your kids to eat a spoonful of sugar and reveal how they have eaten an explosive substance and explain about its chemical breakdown. Paint their tongues with green food coloring to show them their taste buds. Make a fizzing lemonade to make them learn all about bases and acids. By doing all this, they will gain a whole new understanding about biology, physics and chemistry.

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