Coronavirus: How Can Pakistani Universities Weather The Storm

The Coronavirus has had a devastating effect on the entire world, with experts warning that the present crisis could well be the tip of a global iceberg.

The virus, which first appeared in Chinese province of Wuhan earlier this year, has now become the primary worry for nations around the world, mainly due to the impact China has on the global economy and for it being the epicenter of the global manufacturing sector.


Pakistani Students In Hubei Satisfied With Embassy’s Support

A group of Pakistani students residing in Hubei, China’s province hard-hit by new coronavirus outbreak, have expressed complete satisfaction over support provided by their university as well as facilitation extended by the Pakistan Embassy, Beijing.

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Pakistani Coronavirus Affectees Being Rightly Looked After In China

Pakistani students in China who have contracted coronavirus being provided with the best medical treatment, Special Assistant on National Health Services Dr Zafar Mirza said on Wednesday.