Pakistan day messages & resolutions for youth on 23rd March

 Pakistan day messages & resolutions

Here are some thoughtful Pakistan day messages & resolutions for youth so that our young generation can work for the prosperity of Pakistan in the right direction.

Humaira Ahmad

University of Management and Technology

Assistant Professor (Islamic thought and Civilization)

I will urge the young generation to love their country and be proud of their identity. Let us work together for a united Pakistan, as divisions will weaken the edifice of this country that stands tall on Islamic ideals and beliefs.

Rabia Siddiq

Misber School


Pakistan is our motherland and it is the prime responsibility of our youngsters to work together for its prosperity and wellbeing. They should strive to eradicate poverty, illiteracy and other social menaces on a collective front.

Saad Tariq

Fine Line Consultants

Corporate Trainer and Soft Skills Trainer

23rd march epitomizes the hard work and struggle of our great leader Quaid and the vision of Iqbal. This day is a celebration of our triumph over hatred, bigotry and discrimination. Our youth should idolize Iqbal and Quaid and should collectively struggle against the evil vices, boldly and confidently.


Syed Ali Raza

University of Management and Technology

Public Relations Officer

The beauty of Pakistan lies in the fact that our nation join hands at the time of grief and danger, by setting aside their differences. I will urge youngsters to understand their responsibilities and duties. Learn from the mistakes of their elders instead of repeating them. Pakistan Zindabad.

Nayab Waqas


Institute of Communication and Cultural Studies (ICCS)

Pakistan is a peace-loving country with ample dexterous people who are making Pakistan proud. Our young blood is our strength.

Shabana Kausar

Misber School


Be proud of who you are and love your country unconditionally. Work hard as it is the ‘one and the only’ key to success and prosperity.

Musarat Tariq



Our youngsters lack the much needed direction and motivation in life. I see them wasting their valuable time on social media and over their cell phones. Being a mother myself, I will encourage my children and all other youngsters to study and focus on their goals first, achieve something in life and make your parents proud. You are the ‘torchbearers of future’.

Rafay Adnan


Laural Bank School

Love my motherland


Nayab Maroof


University of Management and Technology

Raise my children to be better Pakistanis by setting an example for them. This means I will not take part in any form of corruption, especially one that takes place at the lowest levels (giving money to get my license made faster, paying someone to get my documents attested etc.).

Anum Dastgiir



To start being more accepting towards other humans’ nature and stop being judgmental.

Sayaid Muhammad


Punjab College

Raise voice in favour of minorities and work for the disadvantaged.