Punjab bars three private schools from increasing school fee

LAHORE: Punjab Education Minister Dr Murad Raas informing about the final decision on the issue of increasing the annual fees of private schools said that three largest private schools had requested an eight percent fee hike but all failed to submit relevant documents regarding their argument.

“The three applicant schools will no longer be able to increase more than 5 percent per annum,” Dr Murad Raas said.

Beacon House, Lahore Grammar and Bloomfield Schools will be bound to fix the fees as per the orders issued by the court, Murad Raas further added.

He said all private schools are required to increase fees by a staggering five per cent per annum to provide relief to parents and schools wishing to increase by more than 5 percent per annum are required to provide relevant documents.

The Education Minister said no such steps have been taken by any previous government to provide relief to parents regarding collection of fees.

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