PM Imran Khan announces paid internships for jobless graduates

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced on Monday that around 150,000 jobless graduates will be offered paid internships for the next six months. The monthly stipend of the internships will be 30,000 rupees, he announced in his speech where he gave the good news of economic relief measures.

Prime Minister is sounding very active for students and youth for the past some time. He has announced scholarships, a portal for the complaints of scholarships, digital tools for technological development, and now worth 30,000 per month internships. In his speech this time, he did not make mere claims but announced major economic reliefs in different areas.

In the historic speech, he said that the government is reducing electricity, petrol, and diesel prices adding that they will not be increased until the next budget is announced in June. He said that they have taken the decision of reducing petrol and diesel prices by ten rupees per liter and electricity cost by five rupees per unit. He also explained other measures that the government is taking for the development of the country. Among them, there is the construction of 10 dams in order to generate electric power through the hydel system so that the country is not affected by the global price fluctuations in the future.

Another important announcement for young entrepreneurs and freelancers was that there would be a complete tax exemption for IT sector companies and freelancers. Also, he said that there will be no restrictions on foreign exchange for them.

He also announced an increase in the amount set for scholarships through the Ehsaas Program. He said it will now be 14000 instead of 12000 rupees. While talking about students, he gave the news of paid internships. Students are very excited to hear about this idea.

In Pakistan, you have to struggle very hard in order to find a suitable job after graduation yet many stay disappointed. This measure is a ray of hope for them. However, no mechanism is given about these internships and their hiring procedures. Youth is curious about what will be the criteria to get these scholarships and when will the hiring procedure start. Some are asking whether there is some set academic criterion or all the graduates will be offered the opportunity and others are asking about how to apply for it. Let’s see when the rest of the details come and how helpful this measure proves to be.

By Ayesha Areej

Ayesha Areej is a staff writer at The Academia Magazine

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It’s really awesome to hear tht sclorship schedule announce by pm Imran Khan Sahab..
Sir I have no words for dis wonderfully announcement of schlorship procedure for graduate student like us… U gave us an opportunity to make our carer without taking any help from anyone… We Really much need u as a prime minister for our entire life…

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