Marketing vs Finance, which degree is right for me?

Marketing and Finance both are great degrees as these open the gateway to numerous career opportunities. Therefore, a lot of people opt for marketing or finance as their degrees for further education. If you are about to leave school but are still wondering what degree suits you the best, don’t worry, because in this article we have got you covered.

Studying marketing will give you a unique insight into how organizations are managed and how marketing can be used to highlight the value and the quality of the products, services or a brand. Marketing is basically one of the essential areas of any business which helps it reach its goals and make money. It is considered a vital business function which facilitates the process of getting an organization’s services as well as products into the hands of the end users.
There are many advantages of pursuing a marketing degree.

1. Marketing skills are essential for entrepreneurs

Are you full of innovative ideas and want to have your own business? Then, marketing is the right degree for you. By pursuing a marketing degree, you will learn all the skills that are essential for an entrepreneur. Doing market research such as targeting the right customers, their needs and behaviors. Understanding global marketing trends, planning marketing campaigns, developing new strategies and learning how to advertise your business. When you choose to study from an accredited institution, you will learn all these skills. Marketers should also possess good communication skills, be quick on their feet to solve problems, respond to changes in the market and excellent skills to represent their brand, these skills make them stand out from others giving them an entrepreneurial mindset.

2. Marketing jobs are diverse, well paid and popular

There has been an increasing demand for marketers in the past few years and nearly all organizations require marketing roles. The marketing industry is constantly evolving. Businesses offer handsome salary packages with great job opportunities. But the important factor here remains that these firms only offer these amazing jobs with handsome salary packages to only experienced marketers who have a proper degree and those who ensure they know and understand everything about this field.

3. Improves communication skills

Marketers need to master their way of communication, making it worthwhile and relevant so they can have a stronger connection with their customers or audience. This is because negotiation and presentation are a vital part of the marketing. You tend to improve communication skills, and once you become good at it, you can use your new skills in your everyday life such as using your analytical thinking and strong arguments and achieving your goals in a short time.

4. Variety of career options

One advantage of studying marketing is that it offers paths to a wide variety of career choices. Career options may include market research analyst, advertising copy writer, social media marketing manager, sales, retailing, brand management, product management, public relations, content marketing and the list goes on.

Whereas, finance remains one of the most popular subjects because it holds importance in our daily life, not a single day goes by without people making big or small financial decisions. Finance encompasses the management of money at the public, personal and corporate levels. Pursuing a finance degree is an amazing choice for those who want to understand how the world economy functions and the secrets behind investments, money and financial investments. With the world moving in a fast pace, the business world is quickly turning into digital spaces and cryptos taking the main stage on the global platform, this is the reason why finance degree holds a lot of importance with many benefits.

1. Finance degrees are profitable

The finance industry is constantly evolving, there are many growing varieties of finance jobs. A degree in finance has the potential to lead to a promising career in this sector with some of the most amazing jobs with high paying positions. These jobs can be like loan officer, information technology auditor, investment banker, senior accountant, personal financial advisor, financial analyst, financial examiner, financial manager, etc.

2. Jobs are well paid and high in demand

The finance sector is ranked in the top ten requested categories in multiple countries. From large corporations to multinational companies to small shops to small start-ups, they all need finance, and they pay a large sum of money to the experts in the finance field. So, if you choose to study finance, you are securing a stable professional future.

3. Become a problem solver

Studying finance is all about analyzing numbers and learning to turn them into actionable business insights. Finance also teaches the difference between price and value, and how to create value and how the future influences today’s value. Learning about quantitative data, using it to solve problems and knowing how to make essential business decisions is a valuable skill which will surely help you in your career and securing a good job which is stable.

Hence, both Marketing and Finance degrees hold equal importance in the evolving business world nowadays. But the most important thing while choosing your degree is where your interest lies. So, choose your degrees wisely.

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