IUB celebrates World Environment Day

Vice-Chancellor, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB) Engr Prof Dr Athar Mahboob, said that the planet is our home and it is our responsibility to pass it on safely to future generations. The Vice-Chancellor expressed these views in a seminar and awareness walk in the Institute of Agro-Industry and Environment the IUB on the occasion of World Environment Day.

He said that the United Nations celebrates World Environment Day every year on this day and raises awareness for the protection of the environment so that steps can be taken for the preservation of the natural environment. The theme for this year’s World Environment Day is just One Earth. Individual and collective efforts are needed to protect and survive life on earth.

IUB has formed the Inter-University Consortium for Conservation and Survival. The consortium aims to bring together experts and resources from national and international universities for environmental protection so that this major challenge can be tackled effectively. Dr. Ghulam Hassan Abbasi said that the institution is rapidly achieving its goals and national and international organizations are joining it to raise awareness and enhance research on the evirated issue.

The award was presented to the IUB under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Engr. Prof. Dr. Athar Mahboob, who is leading universities around the world for the survival and protection of the environment. The participants said that food and fruits produced in the natural environment are better than genetically engineered commodities.

Improper use of is a major cause of natural disasters. All members of society should take steps for the breeding and protection of animals, birds, plants and trees in the national interest. Due to global warming, the rainfall rate in Pakistan is decreasing significantly. Vehicle, factory fumes and deforestation are increasing greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in changes in the biological balance, including Pakistan’s agricultural system.

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By Arsalan Haider

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