IUB proposes Rs 9 billion budget for FY 2022-23

The Finance and Planning Committee of the Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB) has approved budget recommendations worth Rs 9 billion for the financial year 2022-23.

The meeting of the committee was held at Baghdad-ul-Jadeed Campus under the chairmanship of Engr Prof Dr Athar Mahboob, Vice Chancellor. In the budget, special attention has been focused on the construction and development of the university, the promotion of research activities and the welfare of students. A record amount of 4,033.665 million rupees (4 billion rupees) has been allocated for development expenditure.

Vice-Chancellor, Engr Prof Dr Athar Mahboob termed the IUB budget for 2022-23 as a history-making budget of the university which will lead the university on a new road of innovation and development. Extraordinary development projects will be launched in the university that will be example in infrastructure and development.

Treasurer Prof Dr Abubakar said in the briefing that the budget deficit was controlled and turned into a surplus budget last year thanks to the best financial management. This year, a special budget planning and events section has been set up in the Finance Branch, which will bring transparency and innovation in financial affairs with the help of the Directorate of IT, which will further reduce costs.

In the meeting, committee members Prof Dr Muhammad Amjad, Dean Faculty of Engineering, Prof Dr Abdul Majid Makki, Chairman, Department of Commerce, Prof Dr Rahila Khalid Qureshi, Chairperson, Department of Arabic, Sumira Malik, Member Syndicate, Shahsawar, Representative Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Punjab and Abdul Samad, Additional Treasurer, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur participated.

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By Arsalan Haider

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