Hunarmand Nojawan Program flagship demand-driven project: TEVTA Chairperson

Hunarmand Nojawan Program is flagship demand-driven project of the Punjab Government for transforming the massive population of youngsters into an engine of growth, Technical Educational Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) Chairperson Ali Salman Siddique said in a statement.

The TEVTA chairperson pointed out that the project is successfully progressing towards achieving its target to train 100,900 youth by the end of June 2022 in 57 demand driven training programs. To date, over 90,000 trainees have been enrolled with two and half months remaining in its completion wherein TEVTA ensures to meet the 100 per cent target, he added.
Despite the challenges of Covid-19 pandemic and closure of TEVTA institute for almost 10 months, he said, TEVTA has succeeded in keeping the momentum of the project and is also striving hard for creating economic opportunities for its graduates through engaging private sector.

Refuting some reports against the Hunarmand Nojawan Program, Ali Salman Siddique said that the contents of the subject report reflect confidence on the overall progress of Hunarmand Nojawan program wherein 98.7 per cent trainees informed that they are satisfied with the provided facilities and quality of education.

As per report, 88.7 per cent trainees informed that they shall recommend others to take admission under this project and 73.3 per cent informed that they were unskilled before taking the course and now they are fully skilled at the time of response. Resultantly, this positive feedback of the trainees has ranked the project in GREEN (with in defined limits) by DG M&E with overall rating of 76.17 out of 100 for meeting the project defined limits, Siddique said.

The statement clarified that the statistics of the report shown on media are wrongly portrayed and narrated out of the context with malafide intentions. Besides that, the subject draft report is still under discussion at Planning & Development Board and yet to be finalized after getting input from respective stakeholders, it added.

The statement further highlighted that the statistics of the report pertaining to employment status of trainees are misinterpreted and misleading as it is based on the feedback from under training students which are unemployed at the time of feedback.

It is clarified that the reported 93 per cent feedback of the unemployed trainees has been taken during the course of training at institutes which was meant for gauging TEVTA’s capacity/performance to channelizing the unskilled community into skilled one, the statement said, adding that these figures truly indicate the fact that Hunarmand Nojawan is meeting its primary and most important objective of equipping the unskilled youth with employable skills.

TEVTA stands with its placement ratio of more than 50 per cent in Hunarmand Nojawan Program, after the trainees complete their training and are skilled to be employed.

TEVTA is strongly of the view that these baseless, irrelevant and fabricated allegations from the media report is an attempt to damage the positive impact of this mega social sector project as well as an effort to tarnish the image of the extra efforts put in to successfully execute the project, the statement affirmed.

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By Arsalan Haider

Arsalan Haider is a reporter at Academia Mag and has worked with leading national dailies and news channels. He tweets @arsalanhaider14

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