How to study abroad at an affordable fee?

There are many paths to go and live your dream life abroad. It is just that not everyone knows how to knock on the right door. Talking about scholarships, they are difficult to achieve. It is simple and there is nothing to be disappointed about it. If you did not qualify for a scholarship or you do not think you have good grades to apply for, there are other opportunities for you to study abroad at an affordable fee.

They are low-tuition or no-tuition fee universities and places with relatively low living costs. Once you are there, you can work to make up for your living or maybe you can cover the expenses, as they are not very high. Usually, there are four best options for students. You can either look for the universities that have no tuition fees or the ones that have very low fees as compared to most universities. The third option is to look for universities that offer partial or full scholarships to international students. And the last option is the places that are affordable both in terms of education and living.

Tuition-free universities

There are many universities in the world that charge no tuition fees to students. You might have heard about Germany as a tuition-free destination. Yes, that’s true. The public universities in Germany charge no tuition even to international students. Don’t confuse them with the private universities as they have high tuition costs. However, many public universities offer completely free education. Moreover, many of them are also offering English-taught courses in multiple disciplines.

Not just Germany, there are other countries like Norway that offer free education to non-EU students. Other countries from the region have now introduced fees for international students. For example, Finland has a fee for graduate and undergraduate students but the Ph.D. program is still free like many other countries.

However, you should check the living cost of these countries before considering them. For example, Norway is known for its high cost of living.

Low-fee Universities

If you think you can afford the fee of the international colleges if it is not very high, this category is for you. Not many people know about them. They think they should either have a lot of money to invest in or free education. But there is this middle way of applying to universities that do not need you to empty your bank to study there.

For example, there are many universities in Austria that have less than 750 euros fee per semester. They usually demand you to pay the first-semester fee and then you are eligible to apply for a visa. France has the same fee for domestic and international students and is very reasonable.

Moreover, there are some universities in the USA that are way cheaper in terms of cost than most of the universities there. For example, the City University of New York has an annual tuition fee i.e. less than 18,000 dollars. And, Alcorn State University in Mississippi has less than 8000 dollars annual fee. However, these universities do not have a very good acceptance rate from international students so consider a plan B before applying. Also, the living cost in the respective area in the United States should be considered as it is not very cheap.

Universities that offer partial or full scholarships

If you are looking for highly-demanded international places to study at an affordable fee, that is possible too. Certain European universities, even after introducing a fee to their programs, offer partial scholarships or fee waivers to assist students in their studies. Sweden is one example of that. It offers many scholarships to international students in the form of partial or full fee waivers. It becomes very easy to support your studies. Also, the Ph.D. programs there are not only free but also paid. This means you receive a salary if you are a Ph.D. scholar there.

Likewise, many universities in the UK offer partial fee waivers to international students based on their academic achievements.

Affordable places for living and education

When you are planning to study abroad, one of the most important concerns is the affordability of the place that you are going to live at. Talking about European countries, France has a relatively low living cost. However, Paris is very expensive and still is the hub for many international students. It has been declared the world’s number one city for students as it has many opportunities for them.

In America, Mexico has a lower living cost as compared to other major cities. Hungary is another option that has both low fees and living costs. However, if you are interested in Asian countries, Taiwan is a good option both in terms of educational and living expenses.

Whatever option you choose for studying abroad needs your research and your suitability. So, start doing your homework, the right place is waiting for you.

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By Ayesha Areej

Ayesha Areej is a staff writer at The Academia Magazine

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